Top 5 Reasons Why Node.js Is Excellent for Startups 

Top 5 Reasons Why Node.js Is Excellent for Startups 

The popularity of Node.js has been growing continuously since its release back in 2009, and it looks like it will become even more popular among developers all over the globe.

This JavaScript runtime environment has been favored by multiple top-rated brands such as Yahoo and PayPal because of the various advantages it offers. Of course, it’s also essential to hire Node js developers that are the best in the developer community since they are the driving force behind the process.

Still, in order not to address this statement without proof, we will see the top five reasons why Node.js is excellent for startups. Let’s begin.

A Simple Approach

You are aware of the fact that startupers face a lot of challenges when they launch a product or service. That’s why they want to keep things as simple as they can possibly be. Therefore, most of them want Node.js since it provides an easy sharing of one language both on the client as well as the server side. Also, there is no need to switch between frontend and backend, which is also beneficial for the process.

So, why is this important?

Because apps written in Node js require less code and fewer files than some with various languages for backend and frontend, one can share the code between backend and frontend, which can speed up the process of development significantly. These benefits are significant at the initial stage of development since you can cut software costs by a considerable amount.

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Pretty Easy to Learn

It is fair to say that coding in Node.js is pretty easy to learn, especially if someone knows the basics of object-oriented programming and JavaScript.

The aspect that may take a little more time to be learned is to have the client-server model clear in your head and follow the asynchronous flow of Node.js. Still, this is not a huge challenge since there are many examples, tutorials, and courses on the internet, which can make the learning process much more manageable. And most importantly, it is best to hire a Node.js developer, especially an experienced one, in order to make the best out of the entire process.

Excellent Scalability

One of the most critical advantages of Node.js is the scalability it has. It is one of the essential benefits of Node js for startups since their main plan is to grow constantly as a business. In addition, startups based on apps choose Node js because it helps build fast systems that are lightweight and have excellent real-time performance. Even more, it can be scaled up later, and one can add more modules to the ones that are already in function.

The scalability of Node js is made because of the capability to handle an enormous number of concurrent connections and by the load balancing. Also, these apps made with Node js can support both horizontal and vertical scaling. Node is fantastic for microservices architecture as well, which is genuinely beneficial for the projects that will scale and make improvements all the time. Last but not least, there is the chance to make a separate microservice for each functionality, and afterwards, you can scale it separately from everything else.

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Minimum Viable Product Development

It’s essential to validate the marketability of an idea for a product quickly and with small efforts because of the strict timeframes, short budgets, resources and investments in order to be sure that the product is adequately received before giving money for development.

Well, that won’t be a problem with Node js since it allows a developer to develop an MVP fast. It is a piece of software with enough features in order for the product to be delivered to the market and attract customers. The minimum viable product is also important because it is the basic stage on the path to a full app. Also, developers can always use Node js guides if they need a particular type of help along the way.

A Large Node.js Community

Last but not least, there is excellent support and feedback from the Node js community. This community can help the developers to avoid various challenges since they can use the instruments and multiple tools in the community to improve the speed of development.

Interestingly, the Node package ecosystem is the biggest and fastest growing software registry all over the globe. It has a number of templates and libraries one can use in their code in order to produce more value with less time and effort. Also, there are many developers that can help each other by providing answers to a lot of developer questions.

So, we have concluded that Node js is most certainly a perfect choice for startups; therefore, make sure to find the best Node js developers to achieve the desired results!


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