Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing HDB Interior Doors

HDB Interior Doors

Nowadays, the abundance of retailers and home renovation products gives homeowners creative freedom. Whatever the budget, there’s a myriad of options in terms of furniture, decoration and colour schemes. In most cases, owners spend countless hours creating the perfect HDB interior design. Unfortunately, choosing the interior doors is often the last thing on the list. Of course, the interior doors are probably the most ignored aspect in every HDB home. Therefore, it’s safe to say that many homeowners leave their doors untouched. Undoubtedly, throwing a fresh coat of paint won’t do wonders either. Consequently, you should pay attention to your interior doors. Here are the top 5 tips to consider when choosing HDB interior doors for your home:

Determine Your Interior Door Style

Firstly, make sure you pick a particular interior design. That way, you’ll dictate a consistent theme in your home. Think of your interior doors as the covers of your style. In other words, every door detail should represent the overall design – the door frames, number of panels, and texture.

For example, French doors will undoubtedly make a bold statement with their beautiful high-end appeal suitable for luxe interiors. You can implement them in almost any room and combine them with different materials, textures and styles. While French doors will likely boost your home value, hinged doors are more common. Perhaps, they are the most realistic option for classic interior designs. 

Size and Placement

Before you pick a door model, think of size and placement. While it’s unnecessary to opt for standard measurements, you must ensure your doors fit the entryways. Otherwise, you may risk complicating things by creating drafts or preventing the entries from opening smoothly. As a result, you may have to pay for the extra expenses. If you’re new to renovation, it’s best to trust a professional to assist you.

Typically, replacing an existing interior HDB door during a renovation doesn’t require a special permit. However, you’ll need to check with the officials if you plan to change the portal size and dimensions. Changing an interior door’s location also requires a permit from the Housing Board because of the hacking works. In most cases, demolishing load-bearing columns or walls 

Pick a Suitable Finish

Another thing that may affect the entire interior look is the door finish. As you can imagine, this feature can make or break the consistency of your home style regardless of the concept. That’s why you should consider your interior doors as part of the décor. 

Usually, the easiest way to go is with panelled all-white doors. Whatever the material, they will blend in perfectly in most modern styles like minimalist interior. Ultimately, they will fit any other interior design without effort.  

Choose the Interior Door Material

Undoubtedly, the interior door material is probably one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Typically, you’d want to choose it according to the room, but not necessarily. In some cases, homeowners and interior designers have a preference that fits a particular interior design. 

For example, bright timber HDB doors are perfect for the Hygge home style. However, veneered HDB interior doors are far more affordable than hardwood. What’s more, they will give you the chance to have the premium wood finish without spending a fortune on the real deal. Also, they’re far more featherweight, thus reducing the load on the HDB walls.

Alternatively, you can bet on laminate doors as a long-lasting and resistant material suitable for HDB flats. Currently, this option is quite popular in Singapore due to its low price and great flexibility. Customers can enjoy its decent durability and insulation properties while choosing unlimited woodgrain colours and coating textures.

Consider the Door Hardware

Usually, many homeowners ignore this aspect when choosing an interior door, so they go with something standard. However, door hardware often serves as the finisher to every door masterpiece. What’s more, such small details impact the overall look of your HDB interior design and the comfort when opening the door. 

Perhaps, the first thing to check when buying door hardware is the weight. In most cases, heavier pieces indicate better product quality that will likely look better regardless of the price. If you’re ordering door hardware online, it’s best to pick up one piece before placing a complete order. Before choosing a door hardware brand, make sure you take your time and read some reviews. Also, don’t forget to check the material and hardware dimensions.


Finally, HDB interior doors are often the key to making an interior design look complete. Indeed, many options make your interior design look unique and stylish. The only issue is that some homeowners can find choosing the correct room entrances daunting. 

Therefore, you can call up the experts from Gate Door Window Supplies, who will offer you their assistance. Apart from their HDB bedroom doors catalogue, customers can purchase an entire bundle at a discounted price. They’ll provide a viable solution for every interior design, whatever your choice.


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