Top 6 Beautiful iPhone Covers to Buy in 2021


If you are one of the 100 million iPhone users in the world, then you know how delicate your smartphone is. You need a cover to protect your iPhone from dirt, scuffs, and scratches. These days stylish and attractive smartphone covers have become a fashion trend. A good phone cover should add some style to your device without hindering its aesthetics. The market is exploding with different kinds of iPhone covers. It can be frustrating to choose a perfect protective cover for your smart. No need to worry. 

Here we shall tell you about the top six beautiful iPhone covers that you should buy in 2021. If you have a wholesale cellphone covers business, then you should also know about the best covers in the market. You can purchase these wholesale iPhone covers from online marketplaces.

Without further ado, let’s check the list of the six most beautiful covers in the market below:

Speck’s Presidio Pro covers are considered among the most beautiful and popular iPhone covers in the market. These covers are super soft to the touch, and they come with a Microban Antimicrobial Technology. Another great thing about these covers is that they are drop-tested up to 13 feet. These thin iPhone cases are thin with a polycarbonate outer shell. Speck’s Presidio Pro covers also support wireless charging. 

  • Otterbox’s Symmetry Case

Otterbox’s super protective symmetry cover is available for all new iPhone models. These slim covers with beveled edges are the perfect combination of sleek and protective. You can get these beautiful iPhone covers in multiple colors. Otterbox’s symmetry covers also come with and without pop sockets. 

  • Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid

If you are looking for an affordable iPhone cover, then Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid covers are perfect for you. These cases are neither too thin nor too thick. You can get these beautiful covers in almost every color. The transparent Ultra Hybrid cover has received great reviews from users. These covers are great, but you should know that many of these covers can turn yellow over time. However, the low price makes it easy to replace the cover anytime.

  • Moshi’s Slim Case

This company is popular for making adorable iPhone covers. Moshi’s iGlaze, Overture, Altra, and Vitros are some of the most beautiful covers for the iPhone. The overture is a two-in-one iPhone cover, and it provides great protection to your smartphone. This cover also has slots to store your credit cards. It means that if you purchase this cover, then you will not need to carry it around your wallet. You can purchase Moshi’s covers for as low as $25. 

  • Casetify’s Teen Spirit

Casetify’s smartphone covers are well-known for their striking designs. Eye-catching designs on clear iPhone covers are Casetify’s statement design. These slim covers provide decent protection to your iPhone. You can get these covers in numerous designs and colors. Casetify’s iPhone covers are most popular among teenagers because of their innovative and outstanding designs.

  • X-Doria’s Defense Series Case

Last but not least, X-Doria’s Defence Series covers are best if you want a super protective cover for your iPhone. These covers come in a variety of colors and styles. The Defense series covers have a clear back with colored edges. Another reason to purchase these covers is that they come at affordable prices. X-Doria’s Defense Series covers are specially for people with a habit of dropping their phone wherever they go.

Bottom Line

An iPhone cover is the necessity in mobile accessories of every iPhone user. You can find thousands of iPhone covers with different designs in the market. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you find the perfect cover for your iPhone.

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