Top 8 Chatbot Systems to Build Your Chatbot With in 2022

Chatbot Systems

Chatbot systems  are the next big thing in ecommerce. If this is your first time reading about those handy tools that keep your customers on your website, know that the chatbot market will likely hit $102.29 billion by 2026.

If you own an ecommerce store, chances are you’ll be using a chatbot sooner than you think. Here are some basic benefits of chatbots and some of the best chatbot systems to help you implement them. 

Top Three Benefits of Chatbots and Chatbot Systems

The first benefit of chatbots is that they can improve personalization and offer your customers exactly what they need. Chatbots are basically AI tools that analyze how your visitor behaves and the items they’re looking at.

Based on that, bots will pop up with the personalized recommendation of a product or show a link where your visitor can learn more about what they’re interested in.

The second benefit is related to cost-effectiveness. Installing a chatbot can save you a decent amount of money as you won’t have to pay a human support team 24/7. Your support team can have specified working hours, while the bot offers basic support at any time of the day.

What’s more, chatbots can also improve your sales, which will increase your revenue.

Finally, chatbots will reply immediately and simultaneously to more customers than one person. The immediate response improves customer satisfaction, which in return improves your brand image.

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Top Eight Chatbot Builders to Use and Chatbot Systems

There are several types of chatbots out there, and they’re all equally good. However, you might lean towards using one specific type, depending on your needs.

1. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is the world’s first chatbot builder that integrates web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger Bot in one platform. This chatbot builder offers a visual-flow builder and editor, mobile-friendly features, live chat, and analytics.

What’s more, Mobile Monkey is multilingual and provides unlimited contacts and leads, regardless of the plan you select.

2. Flow XO

Flow XO is a complete solution for chatbot building or deployment across multiple channels. It offers a welcoming mat for visitors, live chat, answers to simple questions, and integrations with Slack, Messenger, Telegram, Twilio, and webchat.

You won’t need any coding skills to create your chatbot with Flow XO.


This chatbot builder is created for ecommerce, telecom, banking, financial services, and insurance organizations, so you’ll likely find that it can help with all your needs. In addition, it’s ideal for conversational commerce, especially with its live chat features.

Haptik’s AI leverages data from over a billion customer interactions across industries, and this is its most powerful feature.

4. Botsify

Botsify is a simpler solution that lets you create a chatbot for your website, Messenger, or Slack. The platform offers chatbot templates and has great features, such as storing users’ data, keyword auto-responses, and automated email notifications.

Botsify will help you set up a bot quickly and effortlessly, and it will provide it with basic machine-learning features and basic analytics.

5. Conversable

Conversable is a messaging and voice platform that lets you design, build, and distribute AI-enhanced experiences. For example, if you build your bot on Conversable, you can expect to see a customer management system, more marketing tools, and pre-built bot templates.

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Conversable chatbots work on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SMS, and webchat.

6. Engati

Engati platform offers a great conversation flow builder, machine learning features, and voice bots. It’s ideal if you’re looking to create a bot that helps with automated sales and marketing. What’s more, you’ll enjoy intelligent HR management.

Engati is multilingual, and its bots work well on web chat, social media, and mobile. You’ll also have access to bot templates and many marketing tools.

7. Verloop

If you’re looking for a platform that helps you convert leads into paying customers, Verloop is worth considering. In addition to lead generation, Verloop offers chatbots for Shopify, WordPress, and Magento platforms.

With Verloop, you’ll also have chatbot-to-human handoff for better support. Additionally, Verloop doesn’t require coding knowledge to generate a bot and offers a drag-and-drop interface.

8. Octane AI

This bot generation platform is ideal for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and ecommerce websites. However, it works the best with Shopify stores. With Octane AI, you can generate Facebook Messenger and SMS chatbots as well as ads in Messenger.

Octane AI also helps you track orders and cart abandonment and segment your audience. Octane AI is packed with tools for creating powerful ecommerce chatbots.

Final Thoughts 

Chatbots are the latest trends among ecommerce businesses. These handy tools improve customer satisfaction and serve as an ideal marketing channel due to their personalization features.

What’s more, chatbots are cost-effective but powerful solutions for increasing brand awareness among shoppers. Plus, shoppers love quick replies to their questions, and chatbots provide exactly that.

However, you’ll have to decide what type of chatbot you’ll use. Mobile Monkey,, Engati, and other bot-building platforms can help you create an ideal chatbot for your business.


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