Top applications to transfer files from Android to iPhone?


Are you switching from Android to iOS? If yes, then this writing of Android to iPhone transfer applications that helps users easily transfer files from Android to iPhone will be your top priority. Most new users who switch to iOS for the first-time face issues like this. Transferring data like Photos, Contacts, Messages, and other important files from an Android device to an iPhone can be daunting. However, some people will skip this transferring process and start fresh.

Nevertheless, it is not the solution for everyone. Thus, you require good information and the perfect application to help you reach your goal. Therefore, we came up with this piece of writing to ease your stress and give a way to transfer files from Android to iPhone. 

What to look for in an application while choosing?

There are a lot of applications you will find in the internet world which allow you to transfer files from Android to iPhone. But, among all these options, what to choose and what not to choose can be a tough job. Therefore, this section will give you a briefing about features that help you choose the right Android to iPhone transfer application for the job. 

Features to look for:-

  1. Privacy & Permissions:- Your top priority should be the privacy of your data must be intact. There is a lot of data that is confidential and can be used in the wrong way. This may include your company’s files, login credentials, emails, etc. So, ensure that you are using that application offering complete privacy. Although you have to give access to the app to transfer the data, none other than them can access it. Read about their Privacy & permission to be completely sure about it. 
  2. Media Transfer:- It is quite common that you want to transfer your pictures and videos or every data from your device. Thus, choose the application that allows you to transfer every data type.
  3. Direct Transfer:- Some apps allow the users to transfer the files from Android to iOS directly. While some offer to transfer from computer to device and vice versa.
  4. Connection:- Nowadays, all applications usually come with Wi-Fi connection. But still, some apps allow the users to transfer data via Bluetooth or a local USB cable. You can choose the application according to your needs. 
  5. Customer Support:- Look for an application that has strong customer support. Obviously, you do not want to panic while doing the process.
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Best Android to iPhone transfer to transfer files from Android to iPhone.

The initial application we feel can be the perfect choice to transfer files from Android to iPhone is “Apeaksoft MobieTrans.” Let’s learn about this application in detail!!

Introduction to Apeaksoft MobieTrans

To begin with, Apeaksoft MobieTrans is a program designed for users to transfer files or data, such as videos, music, photos, notes, contacts, messages, etc., easily from one device to another. This program supports all the devices available which are powered by iOS, Android, and Windows such as iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Pro/14 Plus/14/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/12 Pro/11 Pro, Samsung, Motorola, Windows 11, Windows 10, Vista, Windows 8.1, XP, etc. 

Along with that, it has a user-friendly interface. Thus, you can have an amazing experience while using this application. 

The functions of Apeaksoft MobieTrans

Now, you know what Apeaksoft MobieTrans is and what this program offers. It’s time to explore its functions in detail to understand.

  1. The primary feature mentioned above is transferring the files between Android and iOS. The program supports transferring of videos, contacts, photos, music, and many other files with ease.
  2. Surprisingly, it can also transfer the data from your old phone to a new one powered by the same company. For example, if you have bought a new iPhone 14 and want to transfer data from iPhone 11, you can easily transfer the data by using this program
  3. Moreover, you can also backup data between two iOS devices or two Android devices. You can easily copy the data from one device to another. 
  4. The program also supports transfer between iOS, Computer, and Android. It imports or exports your data from your smartphone to your computer. 
  5. Another small feature that can be useful–you can convert HEIC photos format to JPEG/JPG/ PNG format to support the device. 
  6. The Ringtone Maker in the Toolbox lets you make ringtones for your iPhone or Android with your favorite music.
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Apeaksoft MobieTrans tools for the functions mentioned above

  1. Music Manager:-This feature allows the users to add music from their computer to their device and vice versa.
  2. Photo Manager:- You can add pictures by using this column of the application. You can export and import photos from one device to another
  3. Video Manager:- This tool allows you to manage videos between devices. You can also play videos or remove them using this. 
  4. Toolbox:- This toolbox has four functions that allow you to create a ringtone, convert HEIC files, contact restore, and backups. 
  5. Message manager:- You can export your message from one device to another and also can choose its output formats like CSV, TXT, and HTML
  6. Contact Manager:- The tool allows you to delete duplicate contact and free up space. Moreover, you can also make groups and make alterations to existing ones. 

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone using Apeaksoft MobieTrans?

Apeaksoft MobieTrans breaks the barriers between iOS and Android devices and makes it easy to transfer data from Android to iOS or vice versa. 

Here we will show you how to transfer photos with this Android to iPhone transfer application.

Check the easy steps below.

Step 1. Download and install Apeaksoft MobieTrans on your Windows computer. Launch the application and connect both your Android and iPhone to PC. You can choose to connect via USB cable or Wi-Fi as you like. 

Kindly note that you need to set Android as source device and iPhone as target device.


Step 2. After your devices are connected successfully, all the data in your Android phone will be listed in categories on the left panel. Navigate to Photos option, you’ll see the photos in different folders in your Android phone. Just select the photos you want to transfer from Android to iPhone.


Step 3. Finally, click the Export to Device button to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

transfer-photo-successfullyYou can also transfer other files like videos, music, contacts, message, etc. among iOS, Android and PC easily with this Android to iPhone transfer by following similar steps above.


This is about the best application to transfer files from Android to iPhone. Now, you can easily use this information to reach your goal!!


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