Top Eyewear Trends for 2022


If you are searching for the hottest eyewear trends for 2022, in this article, we will share the top 10 most popular styles of glasses for modern men and women who want to look impressive and unique. Keep reading to find your favorite pair from minimalist to extraordinary and experiment with various shapes and colors!

  1. Elegant metal spectacles. Thin and simple metal glasses are in trend for 2022, and it doesn’t matter what shape you choose – from square to aviator, they will look perfect on your face, creating a wonderful complement to any contemporary outfit. Clear trends in color for this year are rose and gold.
  2. Round frames. This style was popular last year, and it stays on top for 2022. You can select round glasses in a wide range of colors, including the boldest to create an eye-catching look. We recommend paying attention to the impressive and extraordinary collection of Henau glasses to pick the right spectacle.
  3. Natural spectacles. The new trend in 2022 is glasses made from natural and durable materials like a natural buffalo horn or wood. These frames will deliver unmatched comfort and excellent functionality thanks to lightweight and renewable materials. Express your status and uniqueness wearing a natural spectacle!
  4. Timeless aviators. These glasses are always in trend to add a touch of iconic style to any modern outfit. For 2022, you can choose both thin metal frames as well as acetate versions to create an unforgettable and fashionable look!
  5. Retro-looking browline glasses. These frames are inspired by the 1960s, and for 2022, this shape is an absolute must-have for fashion-forward people who want to stand out from the crowd. Browline frames suit almost all face types to deliver the perfect intellectual look with a touch of retro style.   
  6. Transparent acetate spectacles. These glasses were in trend for 2021, and this year, they are still on our top! Choose from various shapes made from sturdy and durable transparent plastic and combine them with your favorite outfits!
  7. Oversized frames from the 70s. If you like this style, it’s time to wear a pair of oversized glasses inspired by the seventies! You can select from a wide range of materials, embellishments, and colors to create an outstanding look to express your individuality. 
  8. Havana and tortoise patterns. These glasses match almost all face types and skin tones. In 2022, we recommend focusing on neutral colors, including gray shades, nude tones, and very light Havana to create impressive and interesting looks.
  9. Black spectacles. You can never go wrong with a classic black frame that matches any wardrobe and style perfectly! Get a pair of bold, sophisticated, or iconic glasses from the leading eyewear brands to stay on trend this year.
  10. Very Peri frames. The Pantone Color Institute defined a bluish violet color called Very Peri an absolute leader for 2022. Complete your fashionable look with a trendy acetate spectacle in a light violet tone to emphasize your spirit of optimism and energy. 
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With a great selection of impressive and high-quality glasses in different styles and shapes, it’s simple to find the perfect spectacle to match your individual look from the trends of 2022. Remember that the best variant depends on your face type and style. We hope that our top list of eyewear trends for 2022 was helpful to find an impressive pair of fashionable and comfortable glasses to match all your requirements!


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