Top Five Reasons Why Companies Are Switching to OHZ Remote Surveillance


The time has come when companies are slowly moving away from stationing security guards across their properties. OHZ remote surveillance provides efficient and high-tech remote guarding solutions for companies across the country. With remote teams monitoring the site, companies can prevent infiltration through interactive deterrence, integrate communication with law enforcement in real time, and make huge savings!

After the pandemic hit in 2020, we noticed how technology adoption boomed to new levels. It was the year when many companies had to learn how to do business online. With many employees working from home, they had to obtain access to everything from the comfort of their homes. Companies had no choice but to do all their transactions online.

Many people used to shop at the mall before the pandemic. But after the government ordered lockdowns, businesses had to think of ways to get by – they resorted to doing business digitally. Thus, people had to order more online, taking fewer trips to the mall. Automotive dealerships even had to adjust. Instead of having customers go to the shop for test drives, they offered home delivery and let their employees go to the customers instead.

The rise of OHZ remote surveillance

Because the majority of the people had to work remotely, businesses had to ask for more remote surveillance. We have also observed an influx of first-time video surveillance clients, which is a wise decision, considering vacant commercial properties are vulnerable to vandals and thefts. Companies wanted to make sure all their assets were secure.

Many companies realized that setting up remote video surveillance minimizes security risks. Before, they would use video surveillance only during off-hours when employees were not on the property. Today, they use 24/7 remote monitoring because it studies the patterns that help them use their resources wisely. For example, some companies experience staffing shortages, but remote monitoring fills that gap while helping with operations, logistics, and marketing.

Why do companies use OHZ remote surveillance today?

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Remote video surveillance technology constantly changes. It is getting more effective and efficient while also becoming less expensive. Experienced security firms have all the necessary resources to make it possible. Innovative security tech such as this can solve problems, including those that result from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remote video monitoring or surveillance is more than just a proactive security solution. It has so much more to offer to businesses today. Below are the top reasons why businesses are now using remote surveillance systems:

Decreasing liability

Even if your business already has liability insurance, you should not let your guard down. Property managers must make sure that the property is safe for everyone. Accidents or injuries that take place on your property become a liability. Someone conducting illegal activities on your property could win a liability claim.

And even if you win, you may not receive the payment right away. Days pass, and you are still waiting for the money. It negatively affects your business when you could already be using that money for replacement and repairs.

Remote video surveillance decreases liability in many ways. It records everything the cameras see, which means you have evidence to show that your property did what was necessary. It also reduces the risk of your company being a casualty of a liability or crime claim.

Deterring crimes

All businesses must pay attention to security concerns, regardless of the industry. For example, residential building owners have the responsibility to protect their residents. Car theft and burglary are common in residential and commercial buildings. An apartment in California suffered 25 incidents of car vandalism in a span of six months. Even construction sites are susceptible to crimes, such as theft of heavy equipment and cargo, which cost about up to $1 billion, not including theft of building materials.

Having a remote video surveillance system is a great way to prevent crimes like these from ever occurring.

Improving processes

Video surveillance is a great security solution that helps improves procedures and processes. It is more than just a record you can use as evidence when crimes occur. It helps identify safety risks and improve operational productivity. For example, many companies use videos to train their employees. You will have footage to demonstrate how they should do things.

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Also, video surveillance makes it easier for the remote staff to identify bottlenecks and make the necessary improvements. Through this security solution, they can find better ways to organize the property.

Generating return of investment (ROI) faster

Many challenges come with hiring security guards. First, they are expensive to maintain. Second, they are not as efficient as remote surveillance systems. They can only monitor what they see. You will need about ten or more of them if you want to provide decent coverage of your property.

Investing in remote surveillance could save you up to 60% of the amount you spend on security guards. Combining video analytics and human intelligence can produce better results than relying on security guards. You can also incorporate remote surveillance with other security solutions, such as an access control system. Because of this integration, you will need fewer people to handle it, which gives you more cost savings.

Preventing internal theft

Commercial properties, shopping centers, and apartment buildings experience different challenges, but they have one thing in common: internal threats and employee theft. Internal theft continues to spread because employees know a lot of things about the security system. They know where the cameras are and can easily get away with their crimes.

OHZ remote surveillance helps solve this dilemma. A professional operator monitors the feed in a remote location, which means they are not likely to be an internal threat. When an outsider or an employee sees the security cameras, they are less likely to steal. 

Remote surveillance is proactive, unlike alarm systems and other security technologies. Whenever a suspicious individual approaches the business premises, analytics and human intelligence can identify questionable activity even before they reach the property.


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