Top Magazines For Gentlemen


We are used to thinking that only women love reading about fashion and lifestyle. Many modern men enjoy specialized digital magazines for the male audience only. We have prepared for you a detailed guide to the best magazines for men. Make your choice and get ready to dive into the world of fashion and inspiration.

  1. “Airliner World” Magazine

This magazine is designed for men who love following the latest trends in the global airline development scene. You will find many articles about new airline technologies and fresh news from this scene. You will enjoy coverage of the top airlines/aircrafts/airports worldwide. It is time to make your subscription in order not to miss essential aviation news: interesting routes, unique cabin designs, aircraft, etc.

  1. “Attitude” Magazine

It is a famous British magazine for male audience. It focuses on lifestyle, style, healthy eating habits, traveling, affairs, etc. Men will enjoy reading interviews with celebrities, artists, and sportsmen. You will find articles about bot straight gay relationships. It is an excellent source of LGBT-friendly news from the UK and all around the world. It is time to explore unlimited ideas for your wardrobe. Find topics that matter to men: events, parties, theater, and festivals.

  1. “Men’s Health” Magazine 

Are you a big fan of fitness? Then you have just found a perfect magazine for yourself. It is one of the best British magazines for fitness fans. This magazine will give you enough inspiration to improve your body and look more attractive to women. You will find many articles on how to improve all areas of your personal and social life, starting from health issues and finishing with fitness styles and new trends. Every edition is packed with an endless number of professional recommendations, which aim to help you make your gym routines enjoyable and efficient. 

  1. “Motor Sport” Magazine 
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Many men love engines. Are you one of them? The “Motor Sport” magazine focuses on roaring engines and the fastest cars in the world. The magazine is well packed with exciting features, which include the most famous sports cars, international races, the most powerful engines, and exciting interviews with the popular drivers. Hurry up to check this magazine, which covers the world of speed and luxury sport cars. It is at the front line of worldwide motor racing. So, if you want to stay well-informed about such racing as the F1, World Rally, and MotoGP, it is the right choice of a digital subscription.

  1. “Esquire” Magazine 

The “Esquire” magazine is one of the best and the comprehensive guide for the male audience. On the pages of this magazine, men will find many interesting articles about style, fashion, culture, technology, sports, gadgets, travel, cars, and food. The information will help you build yourself as a refined gentleman. You will have a clear understanding what luxury life is and how to follow the latest trends. It covers luxury clothing, interior/exterior design, modern architecture, and exotic traveling. Every edition includes a detailed interview with top management, chef cooks, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and famous designers. It is a real source of inspiration for creative and stylish men.It is time to order a digital subscription to the “Esquire” magazine. 

Final Thoughts

Men should not feel shy to be trendy and fashionable. If you have a taste for fashion, traveling, and luxury lifestyle, do not hesitate to order a subscription plan of these awesome magazines for men. You will find many life tips and articles to think over when you have leisure time.

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