Top New Slot Games for July 2020

new slot games

If you are into Online Cricket Betting ID gaming, especially video slots, this is an article that you will be highly interested in. With the help of Dave Brown from Gamblersbet we have managed to track down some of the most exciting and the newest video slot releases so far in 2020. We have given an overview of all of these slots within the information below. Some of these slots really are quite unique, and with multipliers that extend beyond the 10,000x mark, there is plenty of value to be obtained by casino gamer.

We are truly excited to share this information with you, so let’s jump right into it and reveal exactly what these video slots are.

Diamond Inferno – July 21st release date

As far as new video slots games go, they don’t come much newer than Diamond Inferno. This game is literally fresh out of the development room, and there are a whole bunch of features that you can enjoy with this game. The game has been designed by Microgaming, who is, of course, one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to new video slots. Diamond Inferno has an RTP of more than 96%, and it consists of 5-reels combined with 20-50 pay lines.

These aren’t the most impressive features either, as the maximum payout with Diamond Inferno is 11,750x your initial stake. This is all the more impressive considering that the game falls into the lower volatility category, and the game is full of expanding reels for when you are looking to cash in a little extra.

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You can look out for all of these features within a setting that is full of fire and diamonds, so we are confident that this video slots game will be appealing for the majority of gamers.

Gold Volcano – scheduled for release July 16th

Gold Volcano is one of the hottest new slot releases scheduled for July 16th, and the game itself has been designed by Play N’ Go. This game is sure to be a slot casino favorite and will provide you with some hair-raising action since it consists of eight different reels, which is clearly much larger than the standard 5-reels seen with the modern-day slots. You can actually expand the reels even further thanks to a cool little bonus, and this will turn the reels into an 8×8 grid.

This is actually known as the eruption feature. By unlocking this unique element of the game, you will then receive 5 free spins in an effort to win a rather large sum of money on the 8×8 grid. It’s fair to say that things do not get more rewarding than this for video slots games, and this game has an overall RTP of 96.2%.

On top of this feature, Golden Volcano will have scatter wilds, expanding wilds, other in-game bonuses, and a maximum payout of 10,000x your stake – not bad at all!

Immortal Glory – July 14th release date

As the final slot on our list of the most exciting new slot games for July, we have Immortal Glory. This is actually a jackpot game where there are three separate jackpots available. The first of these is known as the bronze jackpot, where you will win 20 times your initial stake. The second is the silver jackpot where you can win 100 times your original stake. Finally, you have the gold jackpot, which is the one that every gamer will be looking to score, as it is 10,000 times your stake.

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The RTP for this game is 96.19%, and it has been developed by Microgaming. Besides the potential for some larger fixed jackpots, Immortal Glory will be full of crisp graphics and cool symbols. It’s a greek-style theme, which is why you will see greek-god looking characters whizz through the reels, along with other symbols like the Olympic torch.

The only word of caution for this one is that it is a high volatility slot, meaning that the wins can be large, yet there can be long periods of not really winning anything too.

Final Thoughts

These games casino slots are sure to be absolute blockbusters when they are released in just a few weeks’ time. With this in mind, do keep an eye out for these being added to your favorite betting sites, as they will first appear in the ‘new’ category.


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