Top Signs that You’ve Chosen the Wrong Online Casino


When you decide to play at an online casino, the first thing you do is choose the right one for you. But the process of getting started is usually difficult, and what is more, if you enter the virtual game for the first time, you need to be extremely careful. The biggest and main mistake you can make is to choose the wrong casino. 

It may seem that choosing a place where you can play free slots games online without downloading or enjoy live table games is an easy task; there are thousands of them – just pick the one you like most. But even experienced players notice that it is hard not to get lost in the countless gaming services. A beginner who dreams of becoming a professional should not trust flashy inviting advertising. But how to choose an online casino and not become a victim of scammers?

First of all, before registering on the selected site, check all available information about it. Study the rating of the casino and its reputation in user reviews. Take an interest in the history of the establishment, terms of service, and rules. Find out what range of games is available and what payment systems are used there. 

Let us make it easier for you, here is a list of signs that show you are making the wrong choice.

History and Reputation of the Casino Service

You entered a casino, decided to check its history, and found out that it is brand new – well, better double-check it. Dishonest online establishments are usually created for several months, they wait for first registrations and deposits, and then disappear without a trace with users’ money. Best advice – make sure your casino has at least a couple of years’ history. 

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Another point is the lack of users reviews. It may seem that it is better to seek for casino with only positive reviews, but it is a delusion. Usually, dozens of positive reviews are bought for a penny. So, try to go for casinos with all kinds of reviews, especially if they are from trusted sources and also have a history and are not published all at once. 

Terms of Use

Dedicate some time and check whether the casino has any. If the casino has not developed its own rules, this is a bad sign.

Technical Support

There is always working customer service at reliable casinos. Don’t hesitate to check it; most of them are working 24/7 via phone, email, or online chats. 

Payment Systems

Before you start playing for “real” money, check the important points necessary for withdrawing funds:

  • Currency

Each casino has the right to use a different currency. On some sites, only cryptocurrency is used such as Bitcoin.

  • Withdrawal Options

Types of electronic wallets or payment systems, which allow you to withdraw money from the casino account.

  • Deposit Methods

Options for transferring funds to a personal account balance in a gambling establishment.

  • Application Processing

The waiting time for your request should not exceed 48 hours.

  • The Duration of the Withdrawal

The time interval required to transfer the amount to an electronic wallet or bank account.

Number of Games and Bonus System

Another evident sign of a fraud casino is a lack of choice in game variety. Some of them just add a table with poker, roulette, and several slots to snatch a small number of thousands of dollars. The main thing is to lure gamblers with a bigger bonus. So don’t go just for big and fancy bonuses if no more perks are on the table; usually, it is just a trap, promising easy money. 

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What is more, honest casinos usually use the services of several software providers. Thus, the site offers more than a hundred different games.

Convenient Site Navigation and Its Mobile Version

The site’s design and ease of use create the first impression of the casino. It is unlikely that anyone will want to play on a resource that is very slow. A large casino with a good reputation should have an expensive and well-thought-out website.

Another point is its mobility. It’s nice when you can go to your favorite game in any convenient place. After all, you don’t always have a computer at hand, unlike a smartphone. If the casino provides a mobile version of the site, then this is a progressive establishment.

Possible Options for Deceiving Users

These are actions that can often be seen in the practice of dishonest sites:

  • slowing down payments without any reason;
  • referring to a failure in the system due to which the winning allegedly occurred;
  • the conditions for withdrawing funds are designed so that the player is obliged to play even after winning;
  • putting a strict limit on the withdrawal of large amounts;
  • using games without licenses with a low win rate;
  • zero bonuses after receiving a request for withdrawal.

It’s important not to rush to join an online casino after seeing flashing ads with unbelievable promises. Before making a deposit, carefully check the reliability of the candidate. If you make a mistake, all the money will go to the scammers.


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