Top Sudoku Apps Available Today


Sudoku is not just like any other number game. It is undoubtedly one of the most common number games in the entire globe. Every day, millions of individuals from various walks of life and age groups play it. Your mental gets a lot of exercise when you play sudoku.

Free Sudoku puzzle games are a fun and useful method of mental exercise and mental acuity maintenance. You can play Sudoku online or even without an internet connection by downloading puzzles and games.

This list of the top sudoku apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones has something for everyone, whether you want to keep your thinking skill in good shape or you just want to have some fun. Let’s explore them.

1.Sudoku: Classic Sudoku

One of the best Sudoku apps for Android is classic sudoku. Famous sudoku puzzles are transformed into apps by Classic Sudoku so that its customers have an endless supply of brainteasers. Sudoku puzzle can be solved by anyone regardless of their age, and Classic Sudoku offers a variety of difficulties for players of all skill levels.

The simplicity of the design is one of the Classic Sudoku’s strengths. This is probably the best Sudoku app because it is very comprehensive. 

Reading and navigating it is quite simple. It enables you to play normal sudoku games and adjust the level of difficulty. Ads are present in the free version but not in the pro version. It is available for free download for Android devices. Number Puzzles

The greatest sudoku app for iPad and Android users is With six different sudoku varieties and eight different levels of difficulty, this app has 10,000 puzzles to solve. Additionally, there are autosave functions, automatic error detection, and compatibility with pencil marks.

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As your level gets easier, the variety of tips, auto-check, and highlighted duplicates will become more noticeable. It’s entirely up to you whether you use them or manage the challenge without their assistance. Any level is acceptable. Play harder levels to exercise your problem solving skill, or try expert levels to really push it.

The app comes with a number of intriguing features. For instance, a new challenge is presented every day, and if you successfully complete it, you are rewarded. Additionally, you have the option to evaluate all of your errors and poor play after each game because the app will provide you an analysis. This app is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone operating devices. It is free but with in-app purchases.

3.Sudoku Epic

Check out Sudoku Epic if you’re looking for the best Sudoku app experience. With five different Sudoku games included in one, you have more fun and alternatives. You will be challenged by thousands of puzzles and objectives. Obtain new puzzles every day, accomplish your objectives, get hints as needed, choose from 5 levels of difficulty, and more with this app.

You must locate the hidden word in the game, and Killer Sudoku is intended for more seasoned players. Everyone can find something to like in this fantastic Sudoku app. If you want to obtain the premium edition, you can do so through an in-app purchase. Both iPhone and Android devices can use it. it is free, but with in-app purchases.

4.Logic Wiz Sudoku

With a variety of features, game types, and difficulty settings, the sudoku program Logic Wiz Sudoku is suited for users of all ages. There are numerous sudoku variations, five difficulty levels, and a ton of extras that make solving the puzzles easier.

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Although the majority of the functions are simple to comprehend just by using them, the app comes with a useful user guide. The well-designed, feature-rich, and lovingly made Logic-Wiz Sudoku was produced by high-tech veterans and Sudoku lovers. Around 1000 different sudoku puzzles can be solved for free in the app.

5.Andoku Sudoku 3

For Android users, Andoku Sudoku 3 is the finest offline sudoku app which is why some people consider it to be the best sudoku app overall. There are almost 20,000 puzzles in this app, with six different sudoku varieties and eight different levels of difficulty. Additionally, there are autosave functions, automatic error detection, and compatibility with pencil marks.

Andoku Sudoku 3 is one of the greatest Sudoku games for Android and includes tutorials that show you various solving methods. The tutorials provide step-by-step explanations of the solving approaches using distinct game conditions. Ads are present in the free version but not in the pro version. Google Play Pass subscribers can also get this one for free.


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