Toyota Supras are finally launching in UK

Toyota Supras are finally launching in UK
Toyota Supras are finally launching in UK

Supras have been in the headlines for a really long time now and customers are finally going to get their hands on their cars. After the Japanese company, Toyota began its deliveries in the United Kingdom, British customers are finally going to receive their Toyota GR Supras.

Since Toyota confirmed that the sixth-generation Supra will be built, it has been 18 months since the deliveries have come out now after being booked. After the introduction of the new 69 generations, it starts on September 2 which is the next day after it.

It has been 10 months already since British customers have put down their names for their cars. Demands are so high for this car that all those who receive their cars now have never seen it before.

Toyota Supras are finally launching in the UK

Before any of the buyers were provided with a chance to take a glance at the car, the whole of the 2019 Supras United Kingdom allocation was already sold out. A waiting list has already begun for the year 2020.

The buyers got the chance to test the car on the road as well as on the race track during the Toyota Event at Thruxton in July. This new Supra is a combined venture with BMW. It has been away for around 17 years now.

This is the reason why it shares so much with the German company, Z4 Convertible. Although Z4 is only available as a drop-top along with a choice of engines, the Toyota Supra is available only as a coupe as of now. It has been powered by a BMW sourced three-liter engine.

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The new Toyota GR Supra is priced at £52,695. It also has a better-equipped pro model which is going to be priced at £54,000. It has been referred to as the extensively notorious car.


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