TradeMarkets Review – The Most Straightforward Brokerage Platform [2022]

TradeMarkets Review

Effortless usability is something that crypto traders look for when searching for the right brokerage platform for them. However, this is relatively hard to find, as the crypto world is filled with hundreds of intricate platforms that only advanced traders know how to use.

Nonetheless, this isn’t a problem for TradeMarkets, a crypto trading platform specifically designed to be as easy to use as possible. TradeMarkets has gained quite some popularity among traders, so it is one of the most well-known platforms on the crypto market.

Moreover, this TradeMarkets review is going to teach traders everything they should know about this platform before beginning to trade.

TradeMarkets Introduction

TradeMarkets’s purpose is to make it easier to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, which is why it features a long list of crypto assets at competitive rates. In addition, it also has several trading options and tools that experienced users can appreciate and use to improve their strategies.

It is a fantastic place for new traders to start investing in crypto and for experienced ones to grow their business. However, the features that TradeMarkets may have available depend on the following verification levels.

  • This is the basic account you may get if the trader decides not to verify their ID. It may only let them buy, sell, and withdraw cryptocurrencies. They wouldn’t be able to convert crypto into fiat currencies or use any special feature.
  • Someone may be considered to have an intermediate account if they choose to provide a valid ID document and proof of residence, such as a utility bill. This gives them access to most TradeMarkets’s features and fiat deposits.
  • Finally, the Pro level is achieved through a unique subscription, and it gives much larger transaction limits, which is fantastic for traders who wish to make big orders.
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Moreover, TradeMarkets accounts can only be funded through bank transactions or a wallet-to-wallet crypto transaction. However, fiat currencies may take a while to process into the account.

TradeMarkets Security

Millions of cyber-criminals are searching for an unprotected platform with quite some money for them to steal, which is why TradeMarkets features robust security protocols to ensure its users’ safety. It forces traders to use two-factor authentication, and it even gives them the option to lock their account if they feel it may be in danger.

TradeMarkets takes security very seriously because it has been a victim of thefts in the past, so its developers have been working extremely hard to prevent it from happening again.

Range of Cryptocurrencies

TradeMarkets works with more than 60 cryptocurrencies and seven fiat currencies. It may not be the widest variety of assets on the market, but it is still a pretty solid selection compared to other trading platforms out there. Moreover, it also features incredibly high liquidity, making it a lot easier for traders to find great deals.

In addition, TradeMarkets works through currency pairs, so traders are going to need to stick to one currency to buy another one, and they can even analyze which exchange gives them better results.

Buy Crypto Directly with Fiat Currencies

The easiest way to buy cryptocurrencies on TradeMarkets is by using one of the several compatible fiat currencies. It makes the trading process much easier, as traders don’t have to convert their local currency into USD or a specific cryptocurrency to buy their preferred asset.

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However, it is crucial to consider that not all coins are available for purchase in all fiat currencies, so using USD or BTC is always going to be the safest option for traders. Still, this exchange can be easily executed on TradeMarkets’s platform.

Check Out TradeMarkets

TradeMarkets has made trading much easier for traders worldwide due to its straightforward interface, easy-to-use features, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, and high compatibility with several fiat currencies. It is no surprise that several crypto investors over the world have chosen it to grow their crypto business.

However, this TradeMarkets review was only a small summary of some of its most popular aspects, and the best way to learn more about it is by going to its website and registering.


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