Trades Universal Review — an Elaborate Scam or a Reliable Broker?

Trades Universal

Trades Universal Review

Over its long history of success, this broker has built a solid client base by introducing innovative investment programs and providing access to dozens of financial instruments to traders from across the globe. The popularity of Trades Universal is a feat considering the intricacies of surviving and thriving in an industry famous for fierce competition and ruthless customers who do not tolerate any issues with the service. However, this broker managed to not only attract thousands of investors but retained their loyalty and trust!

Trades Universal trading terminal

The assortment of financial instruments is rich enough to provide all traders with a sufficient choice of assets to work with. However, having such diversity is good only when you can handle them. The terminal is the interface through which traders interact with the market and use products offered by the broker.

Trades Universal has a multifunctional terminal that allows traders to quickly place orders, analyze prices, and track assets. The feature-rich platform offers you a nice selection of technical indicators, graphical tools, and informative charts.

If you need to use complex strategies that involve multiple confirmations of signals, consider using MetaTrader4 to access Trades Universal’s servers. This terminal is the most popular one among Forex traders. It is used by over 85% of all participants in FX markets.

Trades Universal financial instruments

The list of available assets is quite long and includes all sorts of instruments. There are several types of assets you can trade with:

  • Over 170 different national currencies are traded on Forex markets. Some of them are very volatile while others do not have enough liquidity to go around. You can choose to work with any currency pair that you like.
  • Futures on oil, gas, grain and other natural resources are quite popular among those who prefer using fundamental analysis to predict price fluctuations.
  • You can also trade CFD contracts for stocks and indices. It is a good choice for people who have backgrounds in trading stocks and value-oriented investing.

Trades Universal trading terms

Having good conditions to trade is very important for any trader aspiring to be profitable. Trades Universal has flexible spreads meaning that you can find a good asset to work with and create unique strategies to capitalize on different spreads.

Margin trading accounts are also flexible. You can control the size of leverage and ensure that you earn money even when you don’t have a massive starting capital. Leverage is a powerful tool, but it carries innate risks. You should be careful when using borrowed funds to invest in volatile assets.

Trades Universal customer support

The support team at Trades Universal is responsive and usually reacts to your inquiries as soon as your type in the live chat. The team can be short-staffed during busy periods, but you will receive assistance regardless of how busy the team is. However, you may need to wait for a response.

Trades Universal testimonials

Users leave mostly positive reviews about this broker. It is a respectable platform that enjoys trust and loyalty from its customers. Many testimonials praise the technology and reliability of banking as well as many other aspects of service provided by Trades Universal. On the contrary, some negative testimonials say that withdrawals can be delayed by a significant amount of time and that the website is somewhat clunky and hard to navigate.

Trades Universal banking

The selection of payment options is rich enough to allow all clients to find the most convenient and cheapest option to deposit. While the broker does not have any commissions associated with deposits and withdrawals, some banks and payment systems may subject your transactions to hidden fees.


Trades Universal is certainly not a scam. It is a reliable company that has been around for a while and accumulated a lot of good reviews throughout its history. If you are looking for a trustworthy broker to start investing with, check out what Trades Universal has to offer!


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