Transcription Software Technology: How Does It Work?

Transcription Software Technology

Transcription Software Technology involves co getting audio and video information into written information, and it has come a long way, and people of all professions benefit from using it. If there is a need to transform any part of a video or audio into a written text, it would be required for one to listen carefully and then jolt down what they may have heard. 

Technology has, however, created transcription software like Verbit’s transcript software, which has made it easy to translate all the audio and videos to written information in an accurate manner. There are different kinds of Transcription Software Technology, which include

  • Human transcription involves transcribers using technology that assists in translating any audio or video into text. Other human transcribers can listen and type, which often has a shortcoming in being able to correct any mistakes as they come during transcribing.
  • Manual transcription has been used from way back, and most people who choose it tend to work on transcribing the information by themselves, which they prefer since it is not associated with any extra cost.
  • Automated transcription is fast and involves the use of machines that translate any information into text which they complete within minutes.

How automated transcription works

Transcription using the software mentioned above is fast. It only requires you to transfer your audio or video to the software, which will translate the information into text within a few minutes. 

Automated transcription has gained popularity in that there is a limited human error since there is minimal interference with the text or audio before translation. Every bit of transcription is done by the machines.

Transcription software like Verbit’s uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to get the most accurate translation of the videos or audios.  Automation is made possible by using these two processing technologies, which will give a complete analysis and interpretation of every piece of information they get.

The recent progress in speech recognition software has helped become a challenge for the people fearing that personally identifiable data will be listened to by a third party who does not consent to the information. 

Assistive technology affects the mobile industry with the ability to annotate video and audio files. There is a need for the right way to translate interviews and research recordings to offer a better version of the written text.

Essential steps are taken through the software transcription process

  1. Upload the audio or video files in the software and select the appropriate language that is spoken in the files and the correct accents as well.
  2. The software will then run the files through its automated technology, which will work with artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing to derive the natural transcripts. The file size will determine how long the transcribing will take, which should not exceed ten minutes.
  3. When the transcription is complete, the user will receive a notification either by email or a pop up with a link on how they will access the transcript.
  4. Once users access the transcript, they can perform edits using the browser-based option.

The most important thing to note is that one should not try to clean out the audio or video files before performing the transcription.

Beneficiaries of transcription services

Legal sector

The leading users of transcription services are lawyers, court reporters, and law firms who need the translation of legal witnesses’ statements, court hearings, and any recorded evidence. In court hearings, the transcribed information and the video and audio are presented to avoid misinterpretation.

Healthcare sector

Transcription in this health sector is used for patients’ notes and procedures and any other information that may be required for the patient’s file.

Education sector

For people that are furthering their studies and taking their doctorate or master’s, we, as the lecturers, require transcription services for their research and seminars as well as class lectures. Most transcriptions are also offered for online classes.

Business sector

As business people offer and receive their speeches during significant events or symposiums, they may require them to be transcribed and used as a marketing strategy. Transcription is also used to store urgent calls, meetings and interviews, making it faster and more convenient to find a particular document.


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