Traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Coronavirus pandemic has played havoc with travel plans the world over. Most of us who are alive today in this world has rarely seen such times where the entire planet is reeling under the effects of Coronavirus.

    Yet, if there is one thing which we all live by, it is HOPE.

    It has been said that “Hope makes Life Live”.

    Perhaps there wasn’t a more apt occasion to recount this saying and look forward to a brighter future lying in store for each and every one of us.

    With that said, we focus on traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    While the information on this front is extremely fluid and changing frequently, it is safe to say that the USA has been seriously impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Yet, given the size and scale of the country, ruling out travel to all of the United States as a whole would be a rather grave mistake to make.

    Accordingly, in this article, we provide some useful perspectives on traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Check Flight Status

    The first and foremost thing to do while planning a trip to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic is to check the status of your flight. Remember that a lot of flights are NOT operational. The place from where you are flying into the US really matters. Therefore, you must cross-check if flights from there are being permitted. 

    The best and most reliable source of information on this front would invariably be airlines themselves. Accordingly, make sure that you do check with the airline you are flying to confirm if your flight into the US is actually on.

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    Place in the US you are Flying into

    While the Coronavirus pandemic has certainly reared its ugly head in the US in a big way, the entire country has not been affected uniformly. At the time of writing this, New York City – and indeed the New York region is where we have seen maximum impact. 

    Therefore, it is perfunctory that you take a close look at the place in the US which you are flying into. While most states in the US have already reported cases, the impact is by no means uniform. Knowing the dynamics around the place you are flying into will prove tremendously useful. One statistic which will very likely prove most useful to know would be U.S. Coronavirus Cases by States.

    ESTA makes it easy to Travel to the USA

    ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is essentially a perquisite granted to citizens and nationals of select countries whereby they can indulge in easy ESTA travel to the USA, without having to obtain a visa in advance.

    While most countries on the list are in the EU region, from where most flights into the US are currently not operational (remember, this is a fluid situation which can change later on), there are countries in other places too on the list.

    Accordingly, doing an ESTA check for ESTA travel to the USA in your case would prove really useful. Again, we would stress on cross-checking U.S. Coronavirus Cases by States too.

    Taking ALL Necessary Precautions

    While traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is strongly recommended that you take ALL necessary precautions without fail. These include but are not limited to:

    • Washing your hands periodically
    • Sanitizing your hands with a hand sanitizer as frequently as desired.
    • Keeping yourself protected from others, by way of face masks, etc.
    • Avoiding close contact with others. This not only includes those who display symptoms of being affected by COVID-19 but also others who may be infected and are yet to showcase any such symptoms.
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    Existing Medical Conditions

    COVID-19 is considered to be all the more harmful to folks with preexisting medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. It is also particularly harsh on those at an advanced age, say 70 and above.

    Do keep these things in mind while traveling to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Avoiding Excessive Stress

    There are a lot of folks who get unduly stressed when travel is on the cards. There are still others who are stressed all the more when there is a pandemic like the Coronavirus doing the rounds.

    We do understand such stress and empathize with those who have it. At the same time, getting excessively stressful is really not desired at all.

    Accordingly, try to keep calm as much as you can. Try breathing exercises, meditation, etc. before your trip. These will really help when your trip actually begins. Also remember that smoking is not going to help your cause at all; try to keep it to the minimum, and of course, if you can, quit altogether. 


    We can get through all this; someday, all this will be behind us, and we will heave a HUGE sigh of relief. Till then, follow the pointers we have shared above. Upon doing so, your trip to the USA during the Coronavirus pandemic is quite likely going to be fine!  


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