Travis Scott Released A New Jordan Brand Apparel – “Highest In The Room”


With his latest solo “Highest In The Room” receiving a tremendous amount of clout, Travis Scott is now adding more fuel to his song’s (la) flames with a fresh range of Jordan apparel collection.

Available only on Scott’s website, the latest products include two hoodies, three T-shirts, two sweatpants, a pair of shorts, and two hats.

They’re all laced in the Texas rapper’s trademark Southwestern color palette of olives, browns, and yellows, except for a single camouflage tee. Each of them is combined Jumpman logos and an alternate Nike Air.

This also comes with Scott’s trademark hand-scrawled Cactus Jack graphic, which is altered to include a “Highest” hit mixed into the “S” at the bottom of “Cactus” on a few items.

Hoodies and sweats will be priced ar $95 USD, tees could cost you anywhere from $55-$65 USD, shorts will be available for $75 USD, hats priced at $55 USD, and all can be bought for a limited time only at

“Highest In The Room” collection

We expect you to wait with patience if you’re looking at buying something, however, as all pieces will ship in 4-5 weeks.

Go through the entire collection above, and for further deers from Scott and Jordan, check out his all-new Air Jordan 6 and matching Jordan apparel as well.

Meanwhile, Travis is experiencing a bit of a low I’m his personal life. Kylie Jenner and her ex, Tyga, were seen partying in the very same night club. This comes merely days after her split with Travis Scott.

Downplaying all the rumors down, Kylie Jenner later revealed that she was seen out with her former boyfriend after splitting up with Travis Scott.

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“The internet gives us something that ks 100 times more dramatic than what it really is,” she tweeted on Thursday, reported Us Weekly. “This was obviously  ‘2 am date with Tyga.’ You see me drop a couple of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at.”

“Travis and I are on extremely pleasant and we are totally committed right now to Stormi,” said Jenner in a follow-up tweet. “Our friendship and our daughter will forever remain our sole focus.”

A few days back, it was revealed that Travis Scott and Jenner would be “taking something like a break” a gossip told People that Stormi “will spend equal time” with her parents following the split.


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