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Traylor Howard
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Traylor Howard has been one of the top role models among the aspirants who desire to enter Hollywood through hard play. That’s right! Traylor Elizabeth Howard is an American Actress from the mid-1900s who built up a long-lasting career in Hollywood Television series. But, one thing that no one could ever forget about her is that she was first seen on television in a commercial.

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Well! To be honest, in the 1960s, commercials were a big deal. Today, when an actress/model lands a great role in Hollywood movies or T.V. series or Sitcoms from a commercial line, it becomes rather a big deal because having to come from a family background with no connection to Hollywood stars, this goal may seem impossible.

Today, let’s dig deep into the professional life of Traylor Howard, including her amazing roles throughout her career that is recognized and loved by the audience to this date. Let’s get started: 

Who is Traylor Howard?

Born on 14th June 1966 today, Traylor Howard is a 55 years old American Actress with a hardcore career in American sitcoms. She has played the role of forever green characteristics in television series including Monk, Bram and Alice, The Division, and Two Guys and A Girl. Along with Traylor’s stunning facial looks, she also had a great attention among the media due to several controversies relating to her personal life. To the reader’s surprise, Traylor Howard, who has lived an elite lifestyle in Hollywood, originally comes from Orlando, Florida. Apart from this, her family is well-recognized in the business industry as her father, Mr Robert M. Howard Junior, is the president of Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Company. 

Traylor howard
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There is no doubt that the media keeps talking about Traylor Howard, sometimes good and sometimes controversial. But, do you know? T. Howard herself holds a qualification in Mass Communications and Advertising. What an Irony!


Full name: Traylor Elizabeth Howard

Age: 55 years old

Children: 2 (Sabu Howard and Julien Howard)

Spouses: Cameron Hall, Christian Navarro, and Jarel Portman

Marital Status: Divorcee

Occupation: American Actress (1990 to 2010, 2016, and 2020)

Belongs to: Orlando, Florida in the U.S.A.

Height: 1.65 metres

Is Traylor. H Married? 

Well! When it comes to Hollywood, it is definitely a challenge to track the love-stature of long-lost sitcom actresses. From Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to Traylor EH as Natalie Teenager from MONK, everyone holds a pretty heavyweight of broken marriages. To begin with, Traylor Howard has been married three times throughout her years in Hollywood. 

In 1991, Traylor and Cameron Hall married after a relationship of one year. Although, the couple, for some reason, got divorced in 1993, which left Ms. Howard is once again single and ready to mingle. 

Later in 2003, Traylor walked down the aisle to marry Christian Navarro. The couple had it going pretty good and also had a kid in 2006 named Sabu. However, unlucky for both, they divorced before the birth of their son. 

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Finally, in 2011, Jarel Portman entered Traylor’s life officially as a husband. She also had a son named Julien out of this marriage. Yet, our favourite actress is single again. 

Do you know what’s the biggest on the internet about Traylor Howard? The answer is “her relationships.” As dramatic as Traylor’s character in sitcoms can get, she has held on to her love life way more dramatically. According to a few confirmed sources, Ms. Howard has been in a love-breakup relationship with prominent American actors from Hollywood. To name some, George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds are first on the list. 

Best Films and Television Series by Traylor Howard

In the event that you are planning to binge-watch the best of Traylor Howard’s movies and series online, it can be challenging to begin with. The only reason being, there are so many. So, let’s take a glance at what we recommend: 

Two Guys and A Girl

To begin with, this show had been popularly acknowledged as “Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place” at the beginning of the series. Along with Traylor as the “GIRL” in the series, Ryan Renolds and Richard Rucculo played the roles of two guys, respectively. 

According to the plot of the series, Traylor (as Sharon) meets Ryan (as Berg) and Richard (as Pete) while at the pizza place. The three of them unintentionally create a comic lifestyle for themselves while figuring out their way from the complexities of being 20-something. 

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At the end of the series, the Girl, i.e.., Sharan ends up marrying her boyfriend, Johnny. Meaning, no scope for Pete and Berg. And to be honest, the finale of the series left its viewers quite unsatisfied. 

It is also noteworthy to mention that the series “Two Guys and A Girl” did not go well as planned by the directors. The reason being, when the show was on the air during peak entertainment hours, it received a bulk of T.R.P. However, for unknown reasons, it was moved to the late-night airing schedule, which caused it to lose a countable per cent of the audience. 

Yet, for four seasons, the show is an amazing binge-worthy if you want to check out Traylor’s golden times on the television. 

MONK – 9.4 Million viewership for Traylor Howard

To be honest, Two Guys and A Girl had been a pity-watch for some fans of Traylor Howard. But, if you literally want to taste the comedy of American television, MONK is a binge-worthy sitcom. The show originally aired in 2002 and lasted on television for the next seven years. It dropped a finale in 2009, which received a viewership of 9.4 million cable viewers. It was next to the Walking Dead. 

Traylor howard
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Apart from the amazing viewership, MONK has a brilliant and comedy-stuffed plot. According to the overview, it follows the storyline of Adrain Monk and his secretary (played by T.Howard). The show revolved around police investigations, procedures, and crime scenes and the acting of Adrain Monk in a comic manner. 

Dirty Work: A black comedy film by Traylor. H

Famously acknowledged by the title “It’s sick, it’s dirty, and it’s their job,” Dirty Work movie released in 1998 was a breakthrough for Traylor Howard. The movie follows the storyline of two best friends, Mitch and Sam. When Sam’s dad was on his deathbed, he confessed that he is also Mitch’s real father. Traylor Howard played the role of Kathy, whom Mitch takes as a love interest. In order to save their father’s life, Mitch and Sam open a startup company with a dark side. It was called “revenge for hire.” 

Traylor H
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The movie is a great watch for viewers with a unique and dark taste of entertainment with a pinch of comedy. 

Note: A number of movies with the title “Dirty Work” have been released in the 1990s. For Traylor Howard, look for Dirty work 1998 on free sites to watch movies online

Me, Myself, and Irene

With Jim Carrey as the major role in the movie “Me, Myself, and Irene,” it was a big success on the lines of Black comedy films in Hollywood. In the movie, Traylor Howard played the role of Layla, the wife of Charlie (protagonist). The movie follows the storyline of Charlie, who seems innocent. His wife Layla is cheating on him. Charlie received a lot of warnings from his friends and family. Later, Charlie meets Irene and plans to go on a trip with him. 

On this trip, things take turns for good and bad. To watch the movie online for free, check out these free sites online

What is Traylor Howard Net Worth 2020? 

When it comes to Traylor Howard, she holds onto her personal life in a pretty closed manner. She has not been active in Hollywood for long. However, for extra income, she has made special entrances on various shows as a guest. According to the sources, Traylor Howard Net Worth 2020 is $2 million USD. Not only this, but her monthly salary is approximately 26K USD. Meaning approximately 6K USD/week. T. Howard is living a comfortable lifestyle. However, her interest in remaining active in Hollywood is no longer there. 

Although, T. Howard is also earning well from the advertising industry. She also takes a hardcore interest in her father’s fertilizer and chemical company. 

T.Howard and MONK’s controversies

When Monk (tv series) was airing on American television, it led to a lot of controversies. Some controversies began before the show even aired. Here are some: 

  • Before the final airing of Monk on the U.S.A network, the show remained “to-be-aired” on A.B.C. Network. However, A.B.C. dropped Monk because the director was unwilling to find a well-fit cast member to play the role of Adrain Monk.
  • To begin with, Tony Shalhoub had rejected the role of Adrain Monk at first. 
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  • Bitty Schram acknowledged that leaving the show for creative differences was indeed fired due to monetary reasons. 
  • Monk’s 126th episode called “Monk is at sea” had cancelled because the team was unwilling to find a cruise ship rental and participants for the episode’s shooting. 
  • Traylor Howard had never actually watched the show before she consented to take part in. 

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