Tron Series: Disney+ Project That Never Gone Ahead

Tron Series: Disney+ Project That Never Gone Ahead
Tron Series: Disney+ Project That Never Gone Ahead

John Ridley was going to take care of this project that finally has not gone ahead there are many names that Disney + prepares for its streaming catalog. Some others have already been broadcast, such as the first season of the successful ‘The Mandalorian’, others have to wait a bit, such as the catalog of Marvel characters that will begin to parade from next October with ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’.

And like everything in life, if there is a confirmed list, there are also those who have been left out. We have just met a name that has fallen by the wayside in this Disney bid to offer stories from the big screen on the small: it is ‘ Tron ‘, a science fiction story that was also going to have its own series.

Tron Series: Disney+ Project That Never Gone Ahead

First of all, it should be noted that nothing was known about this project, as Collider points out. However, with the cancellation made public, now there has been information regarding what was known about this idea behind the scenes. For example, the project was to be led by John Ridley, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for ’12 Years Slavery, ‘and was framed in an agreement with ABC Studios.

What could these series have been about? Recall that the plot of ‘Tron’ debuted in 1982 with a movie of the same name under the direction of Steven Lisberger and with Jeff Bridges as the protagonist. Then came the sequel in 2010 (‘Tron: Legacy’) and an animation series (Tron: Uprising ‘).

Precisely the director of the second tape, Joseph Kosinski, left in the inkwell the idea he had for the third tape. This could perfectly have been the basis of the series, which was to show computers invading the human world. But of course, this is just a hypothesis. At the moment, unless ex-CEO Bob Iger, who is still in charge of the content, decide to give the project a green light in the near future, we will not know.

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