Trump is Incredibly Grateful For Support from Indian Americans

Incredibly Grateful For Support from Indian Americans

White House informed that Donald Trump is very much grateful to Indian Americans who support him. The president is grateful for the people living in India as well for their constant support. The White House informed that by November above fifty percent Indian American community would vote for Donald Trump as their president in some key states.

Sara Matthews, Deputy press secretary of White House said that a recent survey showed that Indian Americans would vote for Republican nominee on November 3. It was conceived through the Indian American community that voted for the Democratic party.

The Deputy press secretary told PTI (Press Trust of India) that Donald Trump (who is currently running for his second presidential election) is immensely humbled by the support of India as well as the Indian American community.

Al Mason conducted a survey which indicated that above India Americans from toss-up states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia could vote for Donald trump switching their support from democrats. Al mason co-chairs the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee.

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India-US relations

Trump has been putting a lot of effort to reach out to the Indian Americans from his first presidency which is now of three and a half years. He has made a serious effort to retain friendship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They made public addresses also at Ahmedabad and Houston. This friendship has definitely helped him to reach out to Indian American residents’ in the US.

Sara Matthews also said that the president understands the important role of India-US friendship can play a major part to develop both country’s economic growth and cultural values.

The Trump-led government has reduced unemployment of Indian Americans in the US by 33%. The growth of the US economy was significant in just two years of time after Trump took charge of White House from 2016. That was a remarkable rejuvenation of the American economy.

Indian American’s health, freedom, and prosperity are very much priority for the US president. This was declared by Matthews in relation to the topic of the growing population of Indian Americans.

The first lady Melania Trump, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump visited India with the president in recent times. They expressed their love and support for the country. Trump has always been empathetic to Indian American and this relationship is now in its most prosperous phase.

Al Mason suggested it is a must-see fact that Donald Trump junior is Senior Advisor to the president. The powerful attorney and ex-TV host Kimberly Guilfoyle lead the Trump Victory Finance Committee. They both have expressed love for Indian Americans as well as India. This positive concern also translated to their speeches as well.

Constant support

Trump Jr. had said that the strong partnership between India and US would make the world a safer place. Kimberly Guilfoyle said that the United States of America and India both share a similar work ethic, strong family values, and hardworking nature. She added that the US is very much fortunate to have such Indian American communities. Moreover, they have immense talent, values of patriotism, and dedication she said. US always tries to work with cultural diversities and is happy that Indian Americans can call it their home.


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