Trump says US Is in a Better Position Than India regarding Coronavirus

Trump says US Is a in a Better Position Than India regarding Coronavirus

Donald Trump pointed out that India’s situation over COVID-19 is not looking so good and China is also facing a resurgence of infections. He claimed at a press conference on Monday that the US has handled the pandemic situation quite well rather than these countries as there was hardly any news of resurgence of coronavirus infections like many countries have been seeing.

India and China are facing severe problems in fighting Coronavirus pandemic

India saw an increase in the number of Coronavirus infections with 52,050 patients affected in a single day. Now the total number of Coronavirus patients in India is 19,06,613.

There were 36 new COVID-19 infections found on Tuesday and 43 cases found the previous day in China. China saw a resurgence of coronavirus infection with more than 100 patients affected in the past few days.

Trump pointed out the fact that India and China despite being smaller countries than the US, facing severe contamination still and facing problems to fight the pandemic.

Florida also saw the same situation as many countries who thought that they had recovered from Coronavirus infections but there was a new wave found. The US has the highest number of Coronavirus cases with 4.7 million and the death toll crossed 155,000.

Trump said the US tested their 60 million population. There are no countries that tested so many people. The 50 percent test results also have come fast and there has been an average of five tests in every 20 minutes.

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US saw a decrease in Coronavirus infections across the country

The US is seeing tremendous progress as a six percent decrease in numbers of Coronavirus infections had been seen from last week. The test also showed a positive rate is now eight percent which was earlier 8.7 percent a week earlier.

The US President said that their country’s Coronavirus epicenter around the West and Southern parts of the country are recovering from the surge of the virus slowly. Arizona is now having a fewer number of infections with 37 percent drop in coronavirus cases. Texas and Florida also are seeing drop with 18.7 percent and 21.2 percent respectively.

He assured that the states like Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma which are facing new waves of the Coronavirus infections would see improvement in situations. Their authority is focusing on their rising number of infections.

There are 18 states like Alaska, Delaware, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland Connecticut, and others that are seeing a drop in Coronavirus infections. Their test results showed a five percent decline in the COVID-19 positive rate also.

The authorities must continue to monitor these states having a lower number of infections to restrain another wave of Coronavirus.

Trump requested the people of his country to keep up the social distancing rules and to maintain safety measures like wearing masks, washing their hands, and asking them to protect elderly people.

Lockdown is not a feasible solution according to Trump

Trump said complete lockdown is not a feasible option as it would harm more to the country’s economy. The country must realize the full lockdown of the country would invite more problems than prevent them.

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Coronavirus infections kept coming back to places where the spread rates were under control at one point in time. Lockdown helps to gain time to arrange hospital facilities for the affected patients. It is also giving scientists time to develop vaccines, treatments, and knowledge about the novel Coronavirus.

The US has significant developments in discovering COVID-19 vaccines. Australia, Spain, France, Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong are facing a severe resurgence of Coronavirus infections. Japan reports a six-fold increase in infections recently.

Reopening of schools and workplaces in the US

The President wants to concentrate on resuming schools and working with young forces with necessary safety measures. He also said that the elders who are more vulnerable must be protected at this point.

The US government is enhancing treatment in hospital facilities. They are trying to be medically structured to reduce the mortality rate due to Coronavirus infection. The vaccine invention results are also showing remarkable results.


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