Trump’s wooden statue erected in Slovenia after Melania’s statue


A huge wooden figure that emphatically takes after Donald Trump was raised for the current week in Slovenia, the home nation of Trump’s better half Melania, however, its creator demands it is intended to speak to a “statue of freedom”, not the U.S. president. (In the event that you take a gander at the image, at that point you also would ask him who is he attempting to trick *face palm*)

The almost 8m (26ft) tall statue was built on private land and delineates Donald Trump with a square head and jaw, bringing his clench hand up noticeable all around.

The craftsman behind the statue disclosed to AFP news office he needed it to fill in as a remark on populist legislative issues.

It comes after a joking statue of Mr. Trump’s better half was raised in the nation.

Trump’s wooden statue erected in Slovenia after Melania’s statue

The model of Melania, cut out of a tree trunk on the edges of the place where she grew up of Sevnica, saw her wearing a blue coat with a club-like hand signaling to the sky. Some occupants named it “a disgrace”, and said it looked more like the Smurfs character Smurfette than the US first woman.

“I planned the statue since individuals have overlooked what the Statue of Liberty relies on. I need to caution individuals to the ascent of populism and it is hard to locate a greater populist in this world than Donald Trump,” Schlegel said.

Schlegl included that he couldn’t have cared less that a great many people consider him to be as speaking to Trump.

The 56-year-old engineer said he had got the idea for the statue after a wooden model of Melania was built up close to the place where she grew up of Sevnica by U.S. craftsman Brad Downey under two months prior.

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The Sela statue, raised by volunteers, can just keep on remaining in its present area for two months and after that, another house be found for it, Schlegl said.

“It could be someplace in Slovenia or abroad – even Greenland if there is enthusiasm there,” kidded Schlegl, alluding to Trump’s ongoing fruitless offer to purchase Greenland from Denmark.


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