Twitch : Suspends alleged carjacking victim -Jonny Zeta (BeesOnMyHeadTV) after on-stream incident

Twitch : Suspends alleged carjacking victim -Jonny Zeta (BeesOnMyHeadTV) after on-stream incident
Twitch : Suspends alleged carjacking victim -Jonny Zeta (BeesOnMyHeadTV) after on-stream incident

BeesOnMyHeadTV, a popular Twitch channel, has been suspended by the streaming platform after a violation of its rules. The violation occurred when it live-streamed an alleged carjacking and shooting event.

A cool feature of Twitch is the option to stream live content as it happens. Unlike reality television shows, most of the live streams on Twitch are not scripted. The streamers earn their shares by posting their everyday lives as it takes place.

But beyond the fun and money such content brings, there is a side that brings about its dangerous consequences as well. The content creators in the search for quick views take some big risks which can extremely harmful.

The Twitch viewers found it out the hard way after watching witnebroadcaster BeesOnMyHeadTV being shot at and having his vehicle stolen live on the stream. And in fairness, if it was part of a script they deserve an Oscar because it did look very real.

Twitch : Suspends alleged carjacking victim
Twitch : Suspends alleged carjacking victim

Jonny Zeta, whose Twitch username is “BeesOnMyHeadTV“, has a good number of followers on the platform

Zeta’s new misadventure shows him being carjacked and shot at. It has been a hard time for the viewers who were watching it live as many expressed their sense of trauma and guilt on social media for watching and even promoting such content.

The incident took place on September 14. During a Livestream, Zeta stopped his vehicle in a parking lobby after he saw a car approaching from a distance away.

The car stopped immediately, prompting the streamer to get out of his car to check, who muttered an expletive as a man jumped out of a white car and began firing at him.

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This immediately made Zeta run and leave his camera on the ground. Going to black, the stream could only stream the audio part of it. The terrifying sounds of a screaming woman were heard in the background later.

Zeta later revealed on social media that everybody is okay. However, his Twitch account remains suspended.


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