Twitter’s New feature Lets iOS Users Pin Their Lists now


pin five lists to their timeline and also allow a quicker swipe between different groups of accounts directly from the home screen. Twitter announced the new update in a tweet, stating that iOS users can now you can pin up to five lists, rearrange them, and swipe to access from home and we are beyond excited.

With this new feature, Twitter users can do things like group co-workers, friends along with family into different lists, and then with a swipe, view just tweets from each individual list, as MacRumors reported on Monday. We took a closer look into just what exactly this new feature can do and let us tell you, we were astonished. Read on to find out for yourself.

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At a move of a button

As per the reports, this new feature allows customizable timelines to be easy to access for the general user on the platform. In addition, Twitter has also changed the design of list pages, introducing header images and making it easier to see a list of members and who are subscribed to the given list.

Twitter's New feature Lets iOS Users Pin Their Lists now
Twitter’s New feature Lets iOS Users Pin Their Lists now

The social media giant previously tested the feature Micro-blogging site Twitter has started rolling out a new feature for all iOS users that will now let them among some users in July and has now released it to the public.

The vision turned into reality

Back in July, Twitter started testing the ability for people to pin their favorite lists in its iOS app. It was a way to let users easily switch their timeline to view tweets from accounts they’ve added to a list, similar to what you can do on other Twitter apps like TweetDeck. At the time, that feature was limited to a select group of people, but now Twitter is rolling it out to everyone with an iOS device.

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Feature for all

If you’re using the iOS app, you can tweak your lists by simply tapping on your profile picture and then, in the Home menu, selecting the lists tab — there’s a GIF below for you. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering when you can have this on Android, Twitter told Engadget the feature will be expanding outside iOS in the near future, though it doesn’t have an exact date just yet.


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