Type Of Bangles Worn By Brides In India

Bangles Worn

It’s fairly obvious that the first thing you notice about an Indian bride is her stunning collection of beautiful jewellery. All of the bridal accessories are works of beauty in their own sense, and she wears them with flair. However, the gold bangles worn by brides-to-be are the most commented-upon accessory.

The one thing all Indian brides have in common is their reliance on wedding bangles. Because all the brides wear them during the ceremony and reception, and some of them wear them for years after the wedding, they have become a defining feature of the traditional Indian wedding style. Bangles are more than just accessories for a bride in Indian culture. They’re fundamentally more significant than that. The variety of styles, manufacturers, and hues available allows the bride to find the perfect accessory.

In this article, we will discuss the history of marriage bangles and how long one should keep wearing them. We’ll also fill you in on the variety of bangles worn by brides throughout cultures.

Beautiful Bangles That Add A Tinkle And A Perfect Touch To Any Wedding Outfit

Gujarati Bangdi

Bangdi, or gold bangles, are a traditional accessory for the bride in Gujarat. All brides will find something they love in this collection of pure gold accessories.

These Bangdis come in a variety of designs, but one common one features Kundan art and a gradually narrowing triangle shape. The crimson inside, like inlaid stones or excessive embellishments, gives the set a distinctive appearance. The stones in yet another design rise above a central band, which may be shaped like studs or a Matkis.

You can also try gemstone bangles for your D-day look. 

Kerala Bridal Gold Bangles

Traditional Malabar Christian decorations worn by a Kerala bride are exquisitely set in gold and reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage. A Malabar bride’s gold bangles will include both traditional and contemporary elements.

Gold bangles for brides, such as the Thoda Vala, Kurumulaku Vala, and half-moon Vala, are among these. Bridal bangles with rhodium plating are very popular among Christians in Kerala.

Bengali Bali or Bala

The Bengali Bala or Bali is one of the most stunning handpieces. Gold bangles from the Gaala Bhora collection are only one example of the elaborate designs that can be found on balas.

Naksha work decorates the exterior of these wax-filled bangles. A Bala’s ends are decorated with the heads of lions, peacocks, fish, or elephants on both its left and right sides. Therefore, these gold bangles for brides are typically thicker than a standard bracelet set.

Kundan Bridal Bangles

These bangles, in their current form, have been worn by north Indian women for ages. Yet, a bride’s bridal collection would not be complete without a set of Kundan bangles, which are so beautiful that any lady would want them. As a result, this look is popular across the country. The bangles are made all the more special by the inclusion of Meenakari artwork.

Picking The Perfect Gold Bangles for A Wedding

After deciding which bridal gold bangles you’d like to wear, follow these steps to track them down:

  • Narrow down your search to a select group of bridal jewellery stores that carry the complete set of classic bridal bangles you have in mind.
  • Second, you should look for classic styles. Having confidence in your chosen aesthetic often requires having your doubts dispelled.
  • Next is to try on the bracelets you’ve chosen. If your size isn’t listed, ask about custom sizing or having something made to fit you.
  • Make sure the design looks okay on your hands; it may look different on the display.
  • Ensure quality by looking for a hallmark or the ISI mark.
  • Seek a detailed cost breakdown, including materials, labour, and profit, before committing to a purchase of the bangles. Try to negotiate a lower price.
  • Some brides choose to wear bangles like the ones displayed here to commemorate their big day. These stunning accessories are a must-have for any Indian bride.

So, which one do you prefer? Which gold bridal bangles would you most like to wear? 


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