Types of IT Services to Drive Your Business Success

IT Services

As technology becomes more complex and more compact, businesses are integrating various information technologies while downsizing their IT departments. Gone are the days when organizations and businesses needed large departments for in house IT staff. In the current competitive environment, most companies outsource IT services to boost their productivity and profitability. Managed service provider (MSP) manages the IT infrastructure and system of your organization so that you can achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. In addition, the also secure sensitive information and data from theft. The companies handle all IT operations such as monitoring networks, data storage, and developing infrastructure.

Below are types of IT services that can take your business to the next level.

Network and Infrastructure

You can outsource support options that can help your organization handle WANs, LANs, or MANs from a Manage IT Service Miami provider. They will provide you with an end to end network management while offering technical support essential in operating and managing these networks. The managed service provider will give you daily technical support by assigning network professionals to perform services such as:

  • Managed cloud infrastructure: This is an essential service that allows for employees to attend meetings and collaborate projects on a cloud based company software portals without having to go to the company. It is an essential service for organizations that wish to migrate. The MSP will manage all the IT services on the cloud giving you time to focus on the move and other business function.
  • Managed print services: Print services is related to the management of print devices such as printers, scanners, print copiers, etc. The IT service provider will discover the latest equipment and technology, remove the old and update all the print devices. This greatly lowers the overall cost of printing and increases the profitability of the company. In addition, managed service providers remotely managed print services, which allow authorized personnel to print documents remotely on the company network from anywhere they are.
  • Managed storage backup: This service makes it possible for employees to upload important information and work on projects and assignments from anywhere with the protection of a cloud backup.
  • Onsite infrastructure setup: The MSP will help you set up software and hardware at your offices instead of asking your in-house staff to do the work, ensuring your staff focus on other important duties.
  • Mobile networking: today people communicate by the use of mobile phones. Mobile networking is essential as it allows your team to connect wirelessly from any location.

With knowledge and expertise on levels of networking and infrastructure from a managed IT service, you can place the technical aspects of cloud and wireless management on skilled hands, allowing your in house staff to focus on other aspects of the business improving productivity.

Security Management

Security is an important aspect of a business.  Outsourcing IT services can ensure your organizations network and system is safer with a wide range of security management and risk prevention services. The company will ensure your organization’s critical information are well protected against cyber-attacks. It provides 24/7 protection to your organization, helping you maximize the Return of Investment (ROI).

The security services include:

  • Anti-malware software: Installing software into your network and computer system to keep the network protected from virus and other spyware.
  • Patching and maintenance: Maintaining your information system takes a lot of time and resources. A MSP will keep up with the latest software updates to ensure no hackers or viruses can bypass the many layers of encryption and infect your company.
  • Application compatibility: The company will ensure all the hardware components and software programs that constitute your business network are fully integrated and compatible with one another to achieve the best functionality.

With a trusted IT service provider, your network security layers will be updated immediately with the latest version to ensure your system is safe and highly secure.

Communication Services

Communication services include email, unified communication and voice over the internet. By hiring managed communication services your staff will be able to transfer sensitive data from any device including a laptop, phone, PC and from any location.

Here are some of the categories of an IT communications services:

  • Data: This allows your staff to send and share information on computers, mobile devices and computers.
  • Voice: Allowing staff speak to on another, both one-on-one and in multi-party conversations from various locations over the network.
  • Video: Makes it possible for your company to havevideo conferences where staff can attend from anywhere with an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

With IT communication services, your company could be in collective sync, promoting efficiency and effective communication. Communication services could also encompass a call center for customer services.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

IT services may provide software programs that your company can subscribe to for unlimited access on monthly or yearly basis. The SaaS could be a program the IT provider develops and maintains or one from a third party developer. All updates and security patches are remotely installed the moment they are available, giving your staff time to focus on the business.

With SaaS, you can have peace of mind knowing the latest state of the art software programs will be fully functional and completely safe on any device. This completely gets rid of system updates and in-house software installations.

Data analytics

It can be a bit challenging and confusing to navigate computer information, especially for companies and businesses not directly involved in the IT sector. As information technology becomes increasing convoluted, a managed service provider can help you with the burden of having to deal with the analysis of your business. This involves layers of examination, from observation data to investigation of patterns. The IT service specialist, like Grid Dynamics data science services will analyze and translate the vital elements of this information to make it understandable and accessible to members of your team. This allows your company to effectively plan for upcoming trends and take proactive goals to implement your business goals.


In this digital era, IT services have become an integral part in every business. Even the small businesses need a little IT support. Consider the above options when looking for a managed service provider such as CompuVision to increase the ROI and analytics capabilities of your business.


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