Types of smoking pipes and their advantages

Types of smoking pipes

If you ask a pipe smoker why they enjoy Types of smoking pipes so much, they will be unanimous in saying that it is an experience that gets better with time. Some say that smoking a pipe is healthier than a cigarette because you do not inhale the smoke inside your lungs. 

The pipe also looks classy, and maybe that is why Arthur Conan Doyle decided to give Sherlock Holmes a pipe. However, smoking pipes are not only made of wood. Many of them are also made from glass. It is interesting to know that glass pipes are gaining popularity amongst smokers. 

Here is some information on glass and types of smoking pipes you would find interesting.

What is a glass smoking pipe?

As the name suggests, a smoking pipe made from glass is called a glass smoking pipe. Usually, scientific and artisanal glass is used to make them because each has unique qualities. Pipes from scientific glasses are of the highest quality and made keeping the best standards in mind, and they are durable and last for a long time. An artisanal glass has the appearance as its priority, so you should choose them if you prefer a stylish and fancy-looking pipe. The smoking process is quite simple, as all you must do is fill the chamber with a product of your choice, light and inhale it. 

What are the different types of smoking pipes?

Here are the different types of smoking pipes you will find in online and offline stores.

  • Spoons

Spoon pipes get their name from their appearance since they resemble spoons used for eating. They consist of four main components: bowl, carb, body, and mouthpiece. The bowl is where you place the tobacco or product of your choice, while the carb enables you to regulate the air entering the pipe. After taking a big rip (an enormous hit that you can inhale at once), the smoke accumulates in the body, while the carb is a hole that lets you clear the accumulated air. Lastly, the mouthpiece is the part that enters your lips and from where you inhale the smoke. 

  • Chillums 

Chillums are extremely popular amongst smoking enthusiasts because they are compact and have large bowls. These devices are cylindrically shaped and have a large opening on one end and a narrow opening. It is in the ample space that you place your herb or tobacco. They have come a long way since they were first used by wandering monks and are now available in various styles and colors. However, if you have never smoked glass pipes before, it is better to take things slowly because chillums offer a more intense experience than others.

  • Sherlock pipes
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Even if you are not familiar with the other names on this list, you will be familiar with the Sherlock pipe because it has become synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character after whom it is named. After the fictional character in The Lord of the Rings film series, they are also known as Gandalf pipes. Sherlocks share a lot with spoon pipes and even have the same body parts. They consist of deep bowls and a carb hole, enabling you to control the airflow. The body, which stretches for a considerable distance and is sharply bent, makes it different from others. The bend makes the pipe easy to hold in your hand and looks classy at the same time.

  • Steamrollers

Steamrollers are your best bet if you are just getting started with pipe smoking. They have a bowl on one side with both ends open, with the back near the bowl playing the role of a carb hole. You will also find some steamrollers that have chambers between the mouthpiece and the bowl, which serves the purpose of keeping the smoke cool. It would be helpful to know that steamroller pipes come in two different designs. Some are suitable exclusively for herbs and concentrates. Since they are not interchangeable, you should decide what product you will use and choose one beforehand. 

  • Color changing pipes

A color-changing pipe is unlike any you will ever come across. Even though these have the same size and shapes as others, their color-changing ability gives them unique qualities. Your smoking experience becomes interactive and exciting when you use these. These pipes can change colors because they are fumed with precious metals such as silver and gold during the preparation process. After the glassblower has given the final shape to the pipe, they blow a 24-carat gold or .999 fine silver into the device, where it lines the inside walls. With time, the gold and silver merge with the glass, followed by the slow cooling process. When you smoke, the metal starts refracting light in several ways, commonly believed to be the pipe changing colors.

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What are the advantages of glass pipes?

Glass pipes have plenty of advantages, from durability to functionality. Here are a few of them.

  • Cleaner smoke – Unlike wooden pipes where the wood adds flavor to the herb, tobacco, or the material you use, glass ones retain the original flavor to the highest degree and give a cleaner smoke. 
  • Easy to clean – Glass pipes are also easy to clean, unlike metal or wooden pipes. All you need is to pour about 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol and some coarse salt such as Epsom. Shake the product with the mixture for about five minutes, rinse with water and soap, and leave it to dry completely. 
  • They are healthy – Smoking pipes made from glass are healthier than other options, including cigarettes. The primary reason behind that is the less surplus smoke produced during the smoking process. Since there is no extra smoke, the pipes remain clean.  
  • Highly convenient – If you have ever used a metal pipe, you know how easily and quickly they heat up. That is not the case with glass pipes, which take a long time to absorb heat while losing it faster. You can smoke tobacco for a long time without worrying about your hands being burnt. Since they are small, they are highly portable and easily fit your pocket.  

You should be aware of the different kinds of glass smoking pipes, specifically if you are a beginner, to buy the right one. Once you get accustomed to the experience, you will enjoy it thoroughly and even begin to look at it as a kind of meditation. 


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