Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode Leaks Surfaces All Over Reddit, See Here


Note: Contains spoilers for season one

It is officially announced that the Umbrella Academy will be renewing for a season two after creating a stir among fans of the show. The Umbrella Academy is based on the book series of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba of the same name. This would mean the series will definitely have a third season which is probably good news for the fans.


At the end of season one, number five used his time traveling capabilities to save his siblings from being destroyed but the world ended up getting destroyed. The story was altered from the comics where the kids end up saving the world. But in the series, the kids are unable to stop the apocalypse. This means they will have to deal with their sister Vanya who caused the apocalypse in the first place again.

The makers have said that the alteration of the story from comics has given them room to explore much more. While the speculations about season two were going on, we got some episode leaks on the surface of Reddit. The titles of the first five episodes of the season were leaked all over the platform.


It is claimed that the spoilers were firstly released on Spoilertv. The leaks suggest that the following will be the titles of the

Episode 2.01: Right back where we started

Episode 2.02: The Frankel Footage

Episode 2.03: The Swedish Job

Episode 2.04: The Majestic 12

Episode 2.05: Valhalla

With the title of the first episode, there are theories that suggest that the story would probably set 8 days before the apocalypse. We still have to wait to clear the speculations about the plot.

It is suggested that the series will be dropped around the winters of 2020 as it probably takes that long to get over with the shooting.


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