Understanding How New Tech-Driven Jackpot Games Reach Multi-Million Prizes

Jackpot Games

The rise of jackpot is one of the most popular phenomenons to arise from modern online gaming. Having successfully created online bingo, platforms sought to expand their offering further, which led to the infusion of slot games. With the scene becoming more and more competitive, developers had to build their offering further to increase the appeal of the games.

So, developers came up with the idea of the jackpot game, and haven’t looked back since. Here’s what you need to know about the tech-driven sensation that is the jackpots slot.

What are jackpot?

Jackpots are slot games at their core, but they boast either a much higher than usual jackpot or a top prize that continues to increase in size. The games at https://bingo.paddypower.com/c/bingo-jackpots come in all shapes and sizes, from different payline counts to random themes, with the main aspect being the type of jackpot that they host.

For example, the game spawned from some Leslie Nielsen’s best comedies, per https://www.ifc.com/2016/08/leslie-nielsen-comedies-ranked, The Naked Gun, is of the Jackpot King range and is classed as a progressive jackpot. Tiki Treasures is also in the Jackpots King range. There are also games that have their own individual jackpots, like Temple of Iris Jackpot, or Galactic Girls Jackpots.

There are two types of jackpot, progressive and fixed, both of which can make for very different gameplay experiences.

How do different jackpots work?

Fixed jackpot games are similar to regular slot games, but they feature a mechanic that gives access to a much larger than usual top prize. The method of attaining the jackpot remains the same at all times, the size of the jackpot is the same throughout, and the games tend to be self-contained. So, to win the jackpots on games like Xingyun BaoZhu Jackpots or Lucha Rumble Jackpot, you have to play those specific titles.


The progressive jackpots feature ever-increasing top prizes, with the prize being added to with each passing bet. This is because, from each spin placed, a small percentage of the bet will go to the progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots often feature a suite of linked games, enabling you to play different games to try to win the ever-increasing prize, which also allows it to grow at a faster rate.

There are many, many different progressive jackpots suites. The game Thor’s Thunder, which follows the popular trend of Norse-themed games, as demonstrated at https://medium.com/super-jump/7-viking-games, is linked to a separate jackpot to Pirate Plunder, which is also a part of a different progressive jackpot to Marine Mayhem Mini. Then, there’s the Jackpots King progressive, the Age of the Gods selection of progressive games, and the Daily Jackpots.

The Daily Jackpots is linked to games like Arcade Bomb, Dragon’s Luck, Gems Gone Wild, and Persian Fortune and has become popular because the jackpots, which climbs into the hundreds-of-thousands, is programmed to drop once per day. While it is a wholly randomized drop on any given spin, just like most other progressives, it comes with the guarantee that someone on one of the suite’s games will be randomly rewarded with the ever-growing prize within each 24-hour window.

The interlinked, tech-driven jackpots games have risen to prominence on their progressive prizes, with the ones which become more popular growing their jackpots at a faster rate, with some regularly climbing into the multi-millions.


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