Uniqlo’s Latest Winter Collection With Marimekko Out Now!


Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated since 1951 for its original prints and colors. One of the world’s first lifestyle brands, On the occasion of 70th anniversary Marimekko combines fashion, bags, and accessories as well as home decor into an expression of joyful living.

This time they are planning to launch the product in the market before the end of this month.

The first collection, jointly produced by two companies Uniqlo’s and Marimekko has launched in spring 2018, was very successful. The Fall / Winter Collection celebrates Finish winter traditions and enhances women’s offerings with items for girls and children.

Uniqlo's Latest Winter Collection With Marimekko Out Now!
Uniqlo’s Latest Winter Collection With Marimekko Out Now!

The next collection that will plan to be launched on 28 November 2019 onwards with transforming the thick, poofy, marshmallow-like jackets into beautiful works of art.

People are loving this kind of design, work, and quality of the product they are providing.

The limited-edition collaboration collection brings together complementary approaches from both companies.

Marimekko’s mission was to empower people to be as happy as they were and to bring joy to everyday life through bold prints and colors.

Life wear is UNIQLO’s commitment to creating high-quality clothing that is functional and affordable, to suit everyone’s daily lifestyle.

The collaboration collection includes a number of new women’s items, which have been specially created to feature some of Marimko’s most recognizable prints such as kits (stones), such as the one designed by Maize Isola in 1956, by Annika Rimala in 1968 Kirtilaputra (city garden) by Tarasaita (even Dhari) and Maiya Laukeri since 2009.

The collection incorporates iconic elements from both brands, enjoying the outdoors in the icy forests under the magical northern lights of families bringing winter’s winter traditions to life, and warming in the cozy atmosphere of their winter cabins Gather around the chimney.

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The collection will be available in all over UNIQLO markets except Japan.


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