Unique Casino Experiences


Casinos Cricket ID have a reputation for flair and novelty. For most of us, a trip to a casino signifies a special event, one that may only happen very occasionally, or even just once. Accordingly, many such establishments look for ways to make a lasting impression on their patrons in order to maximise the impact of the experience, leading you to want to visit again or recommend your friends. Below we take a look at some of the most unique, innovative and novel casinos you can find around the globe today. Visiting all of these would make up a world tour like no other. Which one would you most like to explore?

Cruise Ship Casinos

There’s something about casino gaming while at sea that holds a particular appeal to people, and with world class gaming aboard a host of cruise liners and luxury vessels, you’re free to choose whether your sea-borne sojourn will be set against the backdrop of Caribbean tropical beaches or the bracing seas of Scandinavia. There are many note-worthy gaming establishments across the seven seas, but without a doubt the best stocked and highest quality can be found aboard the Oasis-class Royal Caribbean ships. These come in at 15,000 square feet and feature 27 individual tables with all the classic games on display. There’s even a high stakes poker room for the high rollers out there.

High Altitude 

Some of us love the feeling of bracing, high altitude mountain air with our gaming. For the alpine gamer, the Wildwood Casino of Cripple Creek, Colorado is an essential stop on the itinerary. Planted in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 9500 feet above sea level, The Wildwood boasts stunning views and ready access to pristine nature, as well as a fully stocked range of table games.

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Classical Gaming

Some accolades are a matter of competition. There will always be a bigger, better casino being built somewhere in the world. One record that cannot be taken away from its holder though, is that of the oldest. The world’s oldest casino is situated among the bustling canals and baroque architecture of the historic city of Venice. Named the Casino de Venezia, the original building is a stunning Renaissance palace. The casino first opened its doors in 1638, making this one for the bucket list. The original venue has moved through several different owners and has experienced different lives, as a private residence and a theatre, since its inception. In 1946, though, the city of Venice purchased the property and re-opened it to the public as a working casino. If you’re the type of person that associates antiquity with quality, this is one you simply must check out.


If there’s any truth to the notion that bigger is better, it would be wise to investigate the world’s single largest casino. The Winstar World Casino is located in the unassuming town of Thackerville, Oklahoma and is operated by the Chickasaw Nation. The venue consists of a single 600,000 sq. foot space. While the WinStar was already large when it opened its doors to the public in 2003, it reached its record breaking scale after a major expansion in 2013.

Shaken, Not Stirred

No exploration of the world’s most unique Online Cricket Betting ID experiences would be complete without making space for the most luxurious, bountiful and storied casino of them all: the Casino de Monte-Carlo. This establishment is the stuff that James Bond’s dreams are made of. First opened in 1863, its gorgeous palatial decor is unrivalled, with chandeliers and filigree as far as the eye can see. If you’re planning a trip to this most prestigious of casinos, be sure to pack your tuxedo. The Casino de Monte-Carlo operates a strict dress-code for evening gaming, as befits its exclusive aesthetic.

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