Unlock Extra Power in Your Golf Game with the 6 Easy Steps to Learn the Nick Faldo Power Plane

Unlock Extra Power in Your Golf Game with the 6 Easy Steps to Learn the Nick Faldo Power Plane

Nowadays, we have a lot of different methods for learning new things. Some people prefer to study from books and use their tests to take classes. Most people, though, are content with online learning. You can learn virtually anything online for free these days with a cursory search. 

The N.Faldo Power Plane

If you have read many of his books on golfing or used his online videos to learn new techniques, you will have heard him speak about the power plane. If you haven’t, then read on. The Faldo Power Plane is your body’s path through the golf swing in one sweeping motion. You should not attempt to control your body’s balance if you make this essential, fundamental move of the golfing body. It is more important that you remain upright and square to the target than to be at a particular angle or orientation.

The Power Plane Explained

The Faldo power plane is a simplified view of the swing, which an amateur golfer can learn very quickly and easily. However, it does not come without its critics, who argue that it is overly simplistic and that other swing styles are just as viable. The Faldo power plane also breaks down in different parts of the swing and covers more than just the delivery of the club. Nevertheless, it is an excellent teaching method for keeping newcomers from getting lost and scrambling to understand.

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Easy Steps to Learn the Nick Faldo Power Plane

Some people are even learning how to play golf better by reading articles online. You may be one of those people. If this is the case, it is almost certain that you have heard the name Nick Faldo; if not, he will be known to you by association. His name sells golf equipment at a premium, and his power routes and sand wedges envy many a golfer. He is also widely regarded as one of the greatest golf players ever to play the game. You may already be familiar with his primary swing path and his layout. 

  • First Step

The Nick Faldo Power Plane is defined by its unique location.

The left leg is straightened when the leading arm and club are in a line. It fixes the left side of the body and lets you start your swing in a reasonably neutral position. 

  • Second Step

You can then use your hips to lower into impact with the ball at the top of your swing. It is called the Closed Transition.

  • Third Step

 Your weight then shifts to the left side, and you can use your backswing motion to accelerate through the ball. It is called ‘Open-Lining’ and allows you to generate good club speed through impact.

  • Fourth Step

Once your weight has shifted across your body, it’s time for the right leg to move out and start taking you down the fairway. You will have generated enough power to send your ball flying once you land your shot. It is called the Open Finish.

  • Fifth Step

The next step for a beginner, or someone looking to improve their golf game, is to learn how to make all these steps happen seamlessly. One can do it by practicing the Faldo power plane until you have it wired in your head. 

  • Sixth Step

Once you have landed the ball into the middle of your target on the fairway and with good speed, it’s time to put all the pieces together and start learning some advanced techniques. 

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The Faldo power plane can seem very basic, and to be honest, it is relatively simple. However, it is still the basis for many golfing techniques you will use in your game. The Faldo power plane is invaluable to golfers, especially if they are first starting their golfing journey. Keeping a consistent swing action across all your shots and being able to master your posture, alignment and balance will make you a better golfer than you were before this book got into your hands.

The Bottom Line

The Faldo power plane is an excellent way of teaching golfers the primary swing path. It quickly becomes embedded into your swing and gives you a good idea of what a good golf swing should resemble. It removes the pressure of trying to find out how to hit the ball in your way and allows you to focus on improving other aspects of your game, such as putting, which can be much more challenging to learn.


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