Update: Hearthstone’s New expansion – It’s all about dragons

Update: Hearthstone’s New expansion - It's all about dragons
Update: Hearthstone’s New expansion - It's all about dragons

Hearthstone news has been covered by an ongoing controversy of late, but Blizzard used its fan event BlizzCon to promote their next big expansion coming to its popular digital CCG. It’s called the Descent of Dragons, and it’s coming on December 10.

The new expansion boasts more dragons than any other single expansion to date. To that end the five EVIL classes, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior will be able to use the Galakrond Hero Card, with unique powers for each.

Upgrading Galakrond before playing with the new Invoke keyword will double and then quadruple its Battlecry power, whether he’s in your hand or deck, similar to the C’Thun card from Whispers of the Old Gods. All five versions of Galakrond will be a free login bonus when the set launches.

Update: Hearthstone’s New expansion - It's all about dragons
Update: Hearthstone’s New expansion – It’s all about dragons

The first of these shown off was a Druid Legendary, Ysera Unleashed. It shuffles 7 Dream Portals into your deck that summons random dragons.

A new Shaman card, Lightning Breath, does 4 damage but also hits neighbors if you’re holding a dragon.

The announcement also revealed “Sidequests” mechanic, similar to Quests but with smaller, early-game rewards. Sidequests won’t start in your hand like regular Quests.

This will be the final expansion of this annual season of Hearthstone, which has told an ongoing story. In the first part, Rise of Shadows, the arch-thief Rafaam gathered a “League of EVIL” composed of other Hearthstone villains and stole the entire magical city of Dalaran.

In the second part, Saviors of Uldum, the heroic League of Explorers rose to take on a set of plagues unleashed by Rafaam’s goons. This final piece will complete the story. Check out our gallery of all the cards revealed so far.

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As usual, the new expansion is available for pre-purchase now. A 60-pack bundle for $50 includes a Golden Legendary and Shattering card back.

Blizzard has even announced a completely new model for Hearthstone called Battlegrounds.

The new 8-player mode is inspired by the popular auto-battler genre and will have your team up to send minions against AI opponents.

An open beta will also begin on November 12, but BlizzCon and Virtual Ticket holders can start playing on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Blizzard also crowned a new champion during the weekend’s festivities. Chinese player Li “VKLiooon” Xiaomeng won the first of the new “Grandmasters” championship events, becoming the first female global champion.

In comments after the match, she encouraged females watching not to be discouraged by people who say esports is not for them.


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