UPDATE: Overwatch getting remastered on PS4 and Xbox

UPDATE: Overwatch getting remastered on PS4 and Xbox
UPDATE: Overwatch getting remastered on PS4 and Xbox

The new Overwatch update is huge. And it shouldn’t be any surprise considering its developer Blizzard has chosen to call it a remaster.

Overwatch Remastered is yet to be given a release date. Don’t worry though, the fans can check out the updates by playing the PTR over on PC.

“Patch 1.41 is a remaster and will need a big installation for all platforms,” reads a Blizzard post.

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But the latest Overwatch update is already turning out to be filled with controversies, as fans complained that a lot of the balance is affected.

UPDATE: Overwatch getting remastered on PS4 and Xbox
UPDATE: Overwatch getting remastered on PS4 and Xbox

Many of them cited Doomfist’s Rocket Punch as an example as it takes longer than before to max recharge.

Symmetra has experienced some of the most massive changes, as Blizzard has renewed her with Photon Barrier, Sentry Turret and Photon Projector.

The barrier duration is lowered to 12 seconds, the turret now inflicts 40 damage per-second when looked alongside at 50, while the Projector makes a louder sound.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the changes are right now only being tested, so the update might not be very intense when it hits PS4 and Xbox One.



• Defense Matrix

• Regeneration rate increased from 12.5% to 16% per second and a slight delay before regeneration begins lowered from 1 second to 0.75 seconds


• Protective Barrier

• Cooldown increased from 9 to 10 seconds


• Scrap Gun

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• Ammunition has risen from 5 to 6.


• Kinetic Grasp

• No more of the Chain Hook and Whip Shot

• Gravitic Flux

• High gravity impact duration lowered from 1.2 to 0.9 seconds

• Innovative Barrier

• Regeneration rate has come down from 175 to 150 per second

• Now has a 1-second cooldown after recalling the barrier

• Initial 0.2 second cast time is no longer there

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• Barrier Projector

• Duration increased from 6 to 9 seconds

• Health increased from 600 to 700


• Immortality Field

• Health reduced from 250 to 200


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