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TV And Movies
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It has been a tough time for the big screen as the coronavirus pandemic has caused further delays for many big upcoming releases with perhaps the most recent news coming with the anticipated Christopher Nolan release in Tenet – originally set to be released on July 17th, but now delayed until August 12th because of the pandemic alongside so adjustments in release schedule as it is set to be released in Europe prior to the US, and now there are reports of mixed news across different potential releases with some being good and some being bad.

The Boys Season 2 

Part of the good news will be found in the popular Prime title in The Boys – the anti-hero series was extremely successful in its first running gaining a very sizeable fanbase, and now September 4th marks the date of the release of the second series with some minor changes but no doubt will be just as exciting. The second season will release in stages with the first 3 episodes coming on the first day and releasing weekly following, but much of the original cast will reprise their roles – with the seconds series being announced so quickly after  the first, there are many hoping a third will also be announced if the popularity remains the same.

The Witcher 

Another popular series that has received some news, although not so great news – the adaptation from book to game to TV series had recently been confirmed for a second series with leading role of Geralt being reprised by Henry Cavill, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused further delays as it is now expected that shooting for the season won’t wrap until late next year meaning a release could be a number of years away – there’s a lot of time for hype to build and the first season was very successful, so many are hoping the second can follow a similar path.

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The holiday season for movies 

There has been a possible hit to the holiday season for the silver screen however as some big movie releases are expected to be delayed – whilst Tenet has been mentioned as the closest title to see delays, many are looking at huge titles such as Dune and Wonder Woman 1984 and wondering whether or not they will find their own delays, especially with titles such as Dune being so anticipated, it would be a shame for months of delays to occur.

We may also see a shift for some of these releases – a recent example was shown in Hamilton and it’s direct release to online streaming platforms and other sectors are doing extremely well for mobile devices such as gaming as a comprehensive review of Very Well casino here shows just how successful the industry has been particularly during lockdown. It may be any option that many of these titles choose to go in a similar way and decide to release directly to certain online platforms and join the success of others, but something of this nature is yet to be discussed.


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