US Govt. Criticizes the New Security Law Levied by China on Hong Kong

New security law can stop Hong Kong Protests

The United States of America passed new sanctions regarding Hong Kong on July 1. This came after the new security law forced on the territory for controlling the subversion in China.

The new sanctions got approval unanimously from the House. It chastises the banks which do have businesses with officials of China. The US Senate must sanction the new rules, and after that, it can go to the US President. The new regulations can end the immense and unusual freedom which Hong Kong has been enjoying for a while now. The city was having these uncommon liberties since the end of British Rule in 1997.

How countries are reacting to the new security law?

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house said that Hong Kong’s security regulations are terrible and brutal. She added that the new sanction is going to remove the suppression of the Hong Kong people. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK claimed that the government of China broke the Sino-British joint declaration signed in 1985.

British authorities made an announcement for citizenship and residency plans for more than 3 million people living overseas. Beijing countered this move by warning the British governments that they would intend to stop the citizenship procedure.

The embassy of China in the UK said that doing such changes in the unilateral relationship would destroy the international regulations. The UK would overdrive their agreements, promises, and pledges itself.

The speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that the new sanctions in the house were very important as it is made to counter China’s new security law. China’s new rules destroy the country’s democracy. The new US sanctions would put restrictions on the banks that do businesses with Chinese officials.

US governments had begun to remove special status given to Hong Kong already. The bill is yet to be signed. Washington stopped the defense exports to the city. Moreover, Hong Kong can not even have full access to high technology products from the US. The White House backed the Human Rights and Democracy Act and gave their support to the protests of pro-democracy in China last year.

The UK government has announced its plan to give citizenship to the people who are living in Hong Kong right now. The Prime Minister of Hong Kong has similar intentions for the people of Hong Kong.

Toshimitsu Motegi who is the foreign minister of Japan condemned the new security law of China. He said that it would erode trust for the concept of two systems in one country.

European Council’s President Charles Michel said that the council detests the law. He added that the new security Chinese law will have a harmful effect on the freedom of democracy.

Final thoughts

Beijing expressed that the new security regulations regarding Hong Kong were important for removing unrest and protests. The capital of China has seen various protests in 2019. There are many countries backing their decision but many countries from the west have condemned it.

The Chinese Government has waived off all the foreign interference and criticism. Moreover, they have asked countries to stay out of their internal activities.


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