US Joined EU for Sanctions Against China for Ill-Treatment of Uyghurs

US joined EU for sanctions against China over their treatment of Uyghurs Muslims
Image Credit: The Conversation

Recently, European Union and China traded sanctions against one another due to the ill-treatment of Muslims in western Xinjiang. Soon, the US joined EU, Canada, and the UK and are parallel in the measures set by EU. The countries join hands and protest against “human rights violations and abuses” that minorities in Xinjiang are facing.

EU imposed economic and travel sanctions on four officials from China after they imprisoned hundreds of Uyghurs Muslims. The EU did not impose such sanctions against China since 1989. The last one was due to the Tiananmen Square incident that left the world enraged. To respond to the EU, China put sanctions against 10 people from Europe, who fall under four specific entities.

US joined EU for sanctions against China

A foreign ministry spokesperson remarked about the move by the EU. According to him, the move was based on disinformation, lies, disregards, and distorted facts. The action interferes with internal affairs carried out by China. The nation breaches international laws and fundamental rights. Their actions also undermine the relations with EU and the basic norms that govern international relations.

Parliament members from Europe, including Miriam Lexmann, Reinhard Butikofer, Raphaël Glucksmann, Michael Gahler, and Ilhan Kyuchyuk were included in China’s sanctions. Soon, the US joined EU along with other allies. A statement came from Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State. He said that the US commits to play strong leadership roles at a global level to fight for human rights. The Global Magnitsky sanctions program will reflect similar efforts to combat human rights abuse.

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Along with the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada joined hands. They unanimously stand together and will continue to put China’s human rights violation in the spotlight. They want justice for people suffering in the Xinjiang region.

The State and Treasury Departments exhibited statements that announced financial terms. It will send a signal to countries violating human rights. Further, actions will be taken according to what is acceptable at a global level.

Antony Blinken said that the US would stand with their allies worldwide and order an immediate end to crimes being led by the People’s Republic of China. Moreover, he wants to bring justice to the people suffering.


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