US Military Faces Injuries in Syria in a Confrontation With Russia

US Military Faces Injuries in Syria in a Confrontation With Russia
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Russia accused the United States on Thursday for creating conflict in Syria. The Russian troops surrounded the US military with helicopters and war vehicles. There were a lot of minor injuries to the US troops. The White House National Security Council (NSC) issued a statement saying that there were injuries to the US crew due to the Russian military’s vehicle attack on all-terrain vehicles, which was mine resistant.

David Martin, who is US’s National Security Correspondent reporting from The Pentagon, got the news from an official that Russia breached the agreement of running any operation inside a chosen security zone.

This is the first time the US military faced injuries though there have been a lot of tensed times earlier also between the US and Russia in Syria. The official said to David Martin that though the injuries were not severe, but they named this Russian move reckless.

Russia declined the beach of protocol allegations of the US

The defense ministry of Russia trashed off the allegations of the US government. They said that the Russian military has intimated to the anti-ISIS alliance, which is lead by the United States, that a chain of Russian military forces would go through that area.

Russia defended its action saying that the US military violated its agreements and strived to obstruct the patrolling of the Russian force. However, the army of Russia only reacted to this move with inevitable action and continued with their mission.

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Russia explained its action to the US over a telephonic conversation

Valery Gerasimov, the head of the general staff of Russia, issued a clarification on Wednesday over the phone to Mark Milley. He is the United States Army general and the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The US government did not further comment on this matter but only confirmed the incident. They said that both countries want to keep the details of the discussion confidential.

Russia released the videos of their attack on the US troop on Twitter

There were videos on Twitter of Russian forces attacking the US force with helicopters and vehicles. The US military had to move to the area around Dayrick. The videos were taken by Russian troops and bystanders seemingly.

The carriers of both countries ran into each other, and then one helicopter of Russian troops levitated low above the ceased US military force. Their helicopter blew the propeller wash on the US troop.

John Ullyot spokesperson of National Security Council said that US troops were there with vehicles as they lead anti-ISIS alliance. The United States military left the area to avoid further reconciliation.

US always avoid any confrontation with any military forces

The US official added that such actions showed Russia’s unprofessional and reckless approach. Moreover, according to Ullyot, Russia violated the protocols of conflict resolution passed in December 2019 between Russia and the US.

The United States and alliance in Syria always want to avoid any intensification with any armed forces of any country. Moreover, US military forces try to hold on to intrinsic right and commitment always, to protect themselves against aggressive actions.

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