Using Android on PC: 4 Things You Should Know About Emulators

About Emulators

Smartphones are advantageous because they are portable, innovative, and easy to use. However, their lifespan in terms of use is not as long as a personal computer’s. The technology of emulators has brought such a tremendous positive transformation in smartphones for tasking and complicated tasks. An emulator enables a PC to imitate another PC’s or system’s functions.

Most smartphones use Android. You can utilize an Android emulator to allow the emulation of an Android phone by a PC. Computers have potent resources, and you can use android emulators to utilize Androids apps. Emulators make it possible for you to run and play the latest games if you find it difficult to do so on your smartphone. 

Most emulators utilize the Android OS for the simple benefit of gaining access to your mobile apps on your PC. Additionally, Android OS diminishes the delay in Android games, allowing you to benefit from PC controls. It also provides a large screen for you to enjoy the mobile apps you are using. 

Some games or videos are inaccessible in your region because they are blocked for a particular country. A VPN can eliminate the blockage by masking your IP address and issuing you another one within the VPN of the select country. Study shows that according to the reviews of Cyberghost VPN, you get access to blocked content upon enabling the appropriate country’s server. You can stream whatever you want and remain entertained from abroad. You can apply a VPN while emulating your Android phone with your PC. 

Android emulators have become popular today, given their high demand by gamers plus application developers. One example of an Android emulator is the Bluestacks, which has an excess of 400 million gamers and app developers.  

4 Things You Should Know About Emulators

The following comprises four factors you should know about emulators.

  1. Emulators facilitate the use of Android Apps on desktops

The play store is a haven for very demanding phone applications. They require too much space and RAM, and graphics to run. That can be too much for your small and already full phone. However, the Android emulator makes such worries vanish. The emulators facilitate the use of Android applications on your PC. 

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If you are passionate with gaming, you can sit and relax knowing you can play any game on your play store regardless of its size. Emulators are also great for app developers as they offer them the space to develop and test the apps before launching them into Google Play Store. 

  1. Emulators allow for a larger display and enhanced controls

A PC’s screen is way bigger than a phone’s screen. Emulation provides access to a larger screen, which can match your preferences, primarily when gaming. A wider screen enables you to enjoy the graphics more, enabling you to see the tiniest of the details not visible on your phone.

The use of a mouse and keyboard provides better controls for playing games. The built-in keyboard hotkeys plus mouse support for personal computers offer a smoother and enhanced gaming experience. 

  1. Emulators eliminate dependence on limited battery life

Android emulators diminish the constant worries you may have about battery life. You can game as long as you desire while using a desktop, unlike when using a smartphone. Phones’ batteries tend to lose their life with prolonged usage in gaming. The phones are not designed to withstand gaming and app development’s hard core usage demands.

Also, emulators diminish the lag associated with phone usage while using heavy applications. With a PC, you can utilize your apps without lag. The Android emulators enable uninterrupted enjoyment.

  1. Emulators facilitate the use of more apps simultaneously

Your phone may be strong enough to allow several applications to run in the background but will not enable concurrent usage. The use of emulators through a PC facilitates access to multiple applications concurrently, provided your PC has sufficient processing power for handling multiple app usage. For instance, you can stream a movie, chit-chat with your friend, and do gaming at the same time.   

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Downsides of Emulators

  1. Slower  

Emulators imitate the behavior of an utterly different device. They do not own devoted hardware or power source, making them sluggish than the structure they are emulating. That is mainly experienced when emulating novel systems.   

  1. Virus attack

Given that emulators are sourced online; users are at risk of downloading viruses concealed as an emulator. Hence, you must be careful to only download from a trusted source. Also, research an emulator before you install any application in your system.

  1. Legal risk

Legal risk exists when you download programs to use in emulators without checking for their legality. Hence, check out the laws surrounding emulated programs prior to downloading them.


Emulators allow imitation of one computer system by another. With Android simulators, you can imitate the functions of an android phone through a PC. You can go to Google Play Store, download heavy games and play them simultaneously with other activities like chatting with friends and watching videos. Emulators provide access to a wider screen and diminish lags and limited battery lives.


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