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Times are gone when you had to wait for a movie to hit theatres or Television to watch it finally. In 2020, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu original have grasped the power of online streaming and outdone the competition among television networks. However, these official streaming platforms sometimes feel like money down the drain. It is because unlimited content to watch online leads viewers to confusing choices. So, what is the solution for free streaming? Well! 2020 Uwatchfree unlocked version is ready to serve you with all-rounding entertainment without asking for a single penny. Sounds exciting.

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To begin with, Uwatchfree is one of the most trending torrent-alike sites on Google. Preferred by millions of viewers, it is a hub of more than six thousand brand-new Hollywood movies. Apart from this, the site also offers dubbed anime based on Japanese Manga that is very famous among the teenage audience today. So, what are you waiting for? Download Uwatchfree online or directly stream movies in your browser at https://www.uwatchfree.ai/ with zero buffering time.

But, before you go ahead, let’s find out about the critical features of Uwatchfree online. In this reading, you can also see sites like Uwatchfree in case the above link does not work in your country.

Why choose Uwatchfree for online streaming?

For the most part, Uwatchfree is like any other proxy site that contains tv series, web series, and movies to watch free. But, in 2020, the risk of using proxy sites has increased as these sites come under copyright infringement and illegal distribution of content. The user streams on torrent sites under the threat of device malfunctions, unlimited advertisement, website redirection, and virus transmission. Well! That’s a lot of risks to take. 

However, Uwatchfree primarily focuses on providing content for its users to watch tv shows and movies free online. UWatchfree does not ask for any OTP, credit card information, premium subscription, or sign up in exchange. Therefore, the risk at the user’s end declines at a good percentage. 

It is why you must choose Uwatchfree for stress-free online streaming. You can also watch high-end Netflix Original series on Uwatchfree, including The Umbrella Academy, Kissing Booth Season 2, and the Old Guard.

Key features of Uwatchfree 

Watch Free TV Shows and Movies by Genres

More often than not, Genres option rarely appears on proxy sites. But, Uwatchfree has implemented some advanced features in order to serve its picky viewers easily. Now, you can explore unlimited Tv shows and movies online combined Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Showtime by selecting your favourite Genre.

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Very popular Uwatchfree common Genres are Action, Adult, Animation, Crime, Comedy, Thriller, War, Western, and Documentary. Above all, now you can also enjoy streaming dubbed Tv shows and movies on Uwatchfree. It has become very prominent among Indian Audience for watching movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Telagu, Malyalum, Kannada, and Marathi. 

Request Movies and Tv shows 

Do you feel helpless when you cannot find your preferred movie or Tv show even on proxy sites? Well! Your request will not go unheard anymore. Uwatchfree allows its users from all over the world to submit movie requests. Even though there are unlimited movies available on the site, you can put on your request for an uncommon or rare movie. Not only this but you can also request for movies banned in the United States and India. Uwatchfree online team swiftly responds to your request.

Hollywood Movies dubbed in Hindi

Cannot find the latest kissing booth 2 in Hindi? Don’t worry because Uwatchfree is here for you with every streaming solution ever. Now, watch all hollywood movies and tv shows in Hindi with subtitles free. Click here to start streaming

Download and watch offline

Are you preparing for a long trip and want to enjoy movies offline on your way? Once again, Uwatchfree should be your first choice. Now, you can Download movies and Tv shows online at Uwatchfree. Stream downloaded movies and tv shows offline on your laptop or smartphone later. 

Uwatchfree App Download 

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Does your browser redirect each time? Well! If yes, your streaming experience can be really frustrating. Not anymore! Uwatchfree 2020 mobile app is now available to download. It allows you to stream any Tv show without ads or wait time. Click here to download Uwatchfree mobile app now.

Multiple Video Resources

Uwatchfree is definitely a handy guide for those who don’t know about the technicality of torrent sites. It has advanced from single video source to multiple sources, just in case, one video source proven non-supportive. At Uwatchfree, it is very easy to switch between ViDplayer to EasyLoad, MixDrop, and Videolox. You can also change movie quality from HD to WEBRip, depending on your choice. 

Top Uwatchfree Alternative Sites

Uwatchfree may not be available in your country. In this case, you may receive “This site is blocked” or “This site cannot be reached” status in your browser. In order to still enjoy free tv shows and movies online in your country, here are high-end sites like Uwatchfree.


FMovies is one of the well-known proxy sites known in the history of the Internet. If you are not new to streaming content illegally, you must have turned to FMovies many times.  Not long ago, FMovies official website disappeared from the web and millions of viewers felt the pain of not willing to stream movies as soon as they hit Netflix. 

Image credit: Fmovie.wc

Well! Not anymore. FMovies 2020 unblock version is now available. This time, the site is much advanced and takes care of its viewer’s privacy to the next level.

Site Link: https://ww5.fmovie.sc/

Pricing: Free

Key Features –

  • Login for ads free online streaming service 
  • Explore tv shows and movies by country or Genre
  • Top IMDB Movies and Tv shows are available
  • Add subtitles
  • Change video quality 
  • Watch on Full screen
  • No site redirection 



watch online tv shows free at movie4k
Image credit: Movie4k.org

From Modern Family all seasons to latest movies, Movie4K is another hub that works as an alternative for Uwatchfree. This site is popular for watching adult cartoon television series as well as kids shows. Whether you are five years old or fifty, Movie4K will serve you with the best possible entertainment content in the United States. It does not redirect you to any other third party site. Instead, you can select among 10 video sources given in the dropdown menu at the right side of the screen. 

Site Link: https://movie4k.org/ 

Pricing: Free

Note: Movie4k unblocked may ask for human verification. Learn more about Movie4K and its features.

GoMovies Online

GoMovies Online is both free as well as a premium based streaming platform for those who feel the real-time cringe when it comes to advertisements. Even though it redirects users to other proxy sites, you can still find the service of GoMovies satisfying. It is because once you cancel all the redirections, you can easily find yourself streaming your favourite tv shows and movies non-stop. 

Uwatchfree alternative go movies online
Image credit: Gomovies-online-me

It contains almost all the episodes of the United State’s most famous Television series, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians (up to Season 18), Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and How to Get Away with Murder.
You can also explore various reality Tv shows, including 90 Days Fiance and 90 Days before, which is positively trending nowadays. Further, you can check IMDB Ratings and content description to choose what type of show or movie you want to stream online.

It is also an easy-to-download site if you want to watch a video later or offline. 

Site Link: https://gomovies-online.me/

Pricing: Free/Premium is also available for ad-free streaming like Uwatchfree. 


Vumoo is the smoothest proxy site for free streaming that you will ever come across. It supports no subscription policy. Hence, all you need to do is, go to http://vumoo.to/ and start watching tv shows and movies for free. This site holds an easy user interface. There are two main options: TV series and Movies. When you click on one of the possibilities, an unending list of streamful content appears on the screen.

Tv shows series free for watch now
Image credit: Vumoo

You can also use the search icon to find the video of Tv shows or movies of your preferences. Above all, it is essential to note that likewise Uwatchfree, Vumoo does not take any requests or complaints from its users. It is solely for entertainment, as it says in the general disclaimer.

Is Uwatchfree Illegal?

Uwatchfree legal
Image credit: ExpressVPN

To begin with, proxy users all over the world stream online content. However, the risk of IP Address blockage, Official hosting sites Account blockage is always there. It is because nowadays, Netflix and other streaming platforms have started to identify user’s devices for the traces of illegal sites. Hence, if you are using Uwatchfree, you may find yourself losing the Netflix account and others. So, the answer is yes. Uwatchfree is an illegal streaming site that goes against the copyright content policy of Tv shows and movies hosting companies and Networks. 


You can use Virtual Private Network services to avoid encountering the circumstances of using illegal proxy sites. NordVPN is one of the most preferred Virtual Private Network service providers that deliberately hide your IP Address and device information from suspicious cyber factors and security networks. 

For more information, stay tuned with us!



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