5 HABITS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT – smoking affect your sleep

Vaping is a trendy hobby, which, as it was already proved, can bring some adverse outcomes for both physical and psychological health. Despite the attempts of authorities to limit the access of young people to vape devices and make the adults more conscious of the problem, the spread of the activity is quite rapid and swift and smoking affect your sleep. This blog will tell you HOW DOES VAPING/SMOKING AFFECT YOUR SLEEP.

Talking about the direct effects of vaping and smoking, there are many popular points, such as the risks of respiratory illnesses, problems with the cardiovascular system, etc. However, not many people know and think of the link between insomnia or other sleeping issues and vaping or smoking.

The main point of connection is the nicotine that is contained in cigarettes and may be a constituent of e-liquid for vapes unless you use the best cbd oil or hemp oil for anxiety. As you know, tobacco in the cigs contains nicotine, and the majority of e liquids contain nicotine as well. However, there are some different kinds of substances for vape pens. SMOKING AFFECT YOUR SLEEP?

Nicotine and Sleep

Nicotine can disrupt your sleeping pattern and trigger some dangerous symptoms. Firstly, being a stimulant, nicotine helps to get rid of the characteristics of tiredness. Smoking or vaping while being exhausted helps to cope with some more time without rest or sleep. People working in night shifts often go smoking when they are too tired to continue working because it helps them to go on efficiently.

The outcomes of nicotine might differ. For somebody, the sleeping patterns will not change. Some people may acquire some disorders, such as sleep apnea. This disorder means having pauses in breathing while sleeping. The main characteristic is loud snoring, though it does not always mean you have apnea. Even though snoring is not serious itself, the apnea might lead to diabetes, heart failure, obesity, heart attack, and more.

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The other side of the coin shows that those who have just quitted or are trying to give up smoking or vaping and reduce the amount of nicotine can experience trouble with sleeping. In fact, lack of sleep can bring a person back to smoking, which looks like a vicious circle. It is well-known that nicotine stimulates our organism to release some chemicals and hormones, which makes our mood better while smoking.

However, the problem is that when the nicotine cannot limit our anxiety, tiredness, and boredom, we get angry, lose control over our emotions, and cannot stay alert during the day because of the habit of receiving the needed chemicals using smoking or vaping. It becomes an obstacle for giving up, and many people, who aspire to quit, assume that nicotine makes them less nervous and more active.

A Compromising Resolution

In case nicotine (or quitting nicotine) brought some problems to your sleeping pattern, there is an option of combining your habit and better sleep. You might use a vape pen with a particular substance, which is called CBD. In other words, – medical marijuana. It works better than sounds. In fact, it is legal in the majority of states within the US.

To begin with, cbd is a chemical compound of the cannabis plant. It is produced in the form of either oil, wax, or shudder, which might be used for edibles, vape liquids, skincare products, etc. Unlike THC, cbd has no psychoactive effects, which cause addiction. Oppositely, it makes a person feel relaxed, calm, and serenity.

The primary sources for CBD are hemp and marijuana plant. The best CBD isolates – the purest cannabidiol – is usually made from hemp, whereas the best full spectrum cbd oil – substance with a high percentage of cannabinoids, including cbd, and a low rate of thc – is usually made from the marijuana plant. Both types are safe and non-addictive.

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The best cbd is available for vaping. Firstly, it was known as the best cbd oil for pain, but now people use it for the other needs, including insomnia. In fact, cbd does not cure insomnia itself, but the conditions that might cause sleep disruption. They are anxiety, depression, chronic pain, alertness, and more.

Habits to Make Your Nights Better

If you are a nicotine-consumer, you have to remember that not only smoking/vaping influences your sleep pattern. Here are some general recommendations for improving your sleep.

1. Find Mental Correspondence

A bedroom should not become your study, dining room, and a party place. Limit your use of the bed during a day to a minimum so that your mind will associate the bed with sleep only.

2. Define the schedule

Our sleep pattern is the result of our life. Try to make yourself wake up and go to bed at the same time. Do not have your breakfast later than 1 hour after waking up and your dinner then 2-3 hours before going to bed.

3. Call the tune

Make sure there are no disturbing noises when you go to bed. In case you have noisy neighbors or your cat can start his song at midnight, use ear muffs. In addition, if your curtains do not protect you from the light in the morning, use a sleep mask.

4. Create the atmosphere

Do not forget to air the room in the morning and before going to bed. Nice and cozy bedsheets can also help. Also, it is better to avoid using electronic devices in an hour before sleep.

5. Stay Active

If you start doing physical activities regularly, you will notice improvements in sleep patterns. However, it is essential to remember sleep quantity and quality. You should not subvert sleep to the gym.

Nicotine consumption is not an easy path. Giving up is difficult, as well. This habit might seriously deteriorate your usual sleep, so try to behave consciously and regulate your sleeping conditions. If the sleep pattern is still wrong, it is better to consult the doctor.


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