Approve’s Procurement SaaS Platform

Vendor automation is a platform designed to bolster a company’s automation and standardization of procurement processes for Vendor.

The platform can quickly combine data from the currently used systems, and streamline vendors interactions, approval workflows, as well as invoice management. is a company with excellent customer reviews and a steady increase in new clients. Some of Approve’s best-known clients include Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and many other giants in the tech industry.

How does the Platform help?

With Approve’s Procurement SaaS Platform, you are able to see complete costs of your projects, and purchasing workflow details, while helping reduce the burdensome paperwork.

Approve’s platform users can create their own custom approval workflows, vendor boarding, and track requests and orders; all that along with integrating their current ERP solution in order to search vendors database and sync the current budgets.

This convenient platform provides plenty of other features, which are listed and explained below. Now you can get a clear idea of how it helps you organize your business more efficiently.

Flexible approval flows

Approve’s Procurement SaaS Platform allows easy flows updates to meet its users’ needs, and approval flow customization in line with the management structure of a company.

Additionally, its users are enabled to run and supervise the entire procurement process, from vendor onboarding and purchase requests to invoice approvals.

The platform provides approvers, requestors, and a visual approval flow panel so managers can easily access all data needed. The approval flows are easily integrated with all information from SSO systems, Finance, and HR.

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Vendor automation

This feature enables vendors to submit invoices, and update their information, as well as new vendors approval flows configuration, such as AP & FP&A, and implementing intuitive vendor onboarding wizards.

Vendor database

The vendors database feature enables maintaining, gathering, and seeing relevant data, such as files, spend volumes, catalogues, contracts, and vendors.

The smart tags feature helps you automatically update vendor data and form categories. With the data reports you’ll receive, you can track spend volumes and vendor performance.

Unified interface

With the platform’s unified interface feature, procurement-related data is pooled in one place and consolidates vendor onboarding data, invoicing, and all purchase requests for a better review of order history and vendor database.

We have listed just a few of the platform’s features that empower you to make smarter decisions, by having a strong vendor database and being able to track requests, create custom forms, prevent mistakes, and connect with other functions of your company.


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