Venmo Alternatives for Successful International Money Transfers in 2024


No matter how advantageous Venmo is, it isn’t the best all-inclusive solution to rely on. The thing is that Venmo international services are not available, which makes people accustomed to its simplicity and reliability seek more effective means to satisfy their needs. Don’t get discouraged — the absence of Venmo on the list of international finance dealers won’t become bad news. Let’s dive deeper into the world of advantageous solutions to make a money transfer in 2024.

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In this guide, it is crucial to highlight that several niche services are worth the trial. This platform stands out in terms of its operational transparency and efficiency. You will be able to use it for multiple international transactions. The list of countries is sufficient, although it mostly focuses on the European network — the UK, Iceland, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, and so on.

Nonetheless, for those interested in zero fees, timely assistance, and instant transfers in any currency, Profee might become your ideal service. Euros to krones, New Zealand dollars to rupees, etc. — such unique currency pairs will be feasible at the best exchange rates. Just check it out!


Another premium-class alternative to Venmo is Wise. Based on thousands of reviews from regular users, it’s clear that its services are exceptional — an extremely high customer satisfaction rate won’t let experts lie. In terms of its efficiency as an all-inclusive solution, its fees are minimal, while exchange rates are typically close to perfection. If you are interested in medium- or small-sized money transfers up to $10,000, it is an advantageous platform for clients of any level of techno-savviness.


Its type of work is similar to what Profee offers. You can log in, choose the sum to transfer and finalize the operation in a matter of minutes. The payment cost isn’t huge and varies from 0.5% to 2%, depending on the amount of money in the case. For instance, if you want to send 150 euros to a recipient in Andorra, you won’t lose on exchange rates. It requires a fee of 1.5 euros only.

Overall, this platform is a valuable service provider, trusted by millions of end users. With its global 24/7 support, you won’t have issues with sending money internationally. Compared to popular banks like Wells Fargo, Wise will let you save on fees — 1.5 euros to 30 dollars, correspondingly.

Final Thoughts

Although this list doesn’t include all excellent solutions to use as Venmo alternatives, it is clear that a personalized approach is more than possible. You can regularize the speed of delivery, fees, and other parameters of transactions by selecting the right option for your particular needs. From zero to minimal transfer cost, such platforms as Profee and Wise are worth analyzing in more detail. Make sure your international transfers are safe and sound with time-tested Venmo alternatives!


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