Video Editing Guide For On-The-Go Influencers

Video Editing Guide For On-The-Go Influencers

The world has moved from text-based content to visual content. Keeping up with the trend is difficult since the competition is high. To be a recognized influencer these days means that you need to have good content in a presentable manner.

Need for Engaging Content and Video Editing

Video editing separates content posted by influencers from amateurs. It does not matter if your content is interesting or informative; if you cannot produce highly engaging content, users will not be interested in following you on social media. On the other hand, even some of the most absurd video content with good video editing will help you reach a position where you are considered to be a person of influence.

Making On-The-Go Content

To be able to produce content on the go means that we need to have devices that can be carried anywhere. You will need your mobile phone to work while you are traveling or doing some other things. An Android video editor like Invideo can help you overcome the problems of content creation and video editing.

Realizing The Problem

Being an influencer is challenging. Becoming an on-the-go influencer increases the difficulty by a few notches.

Need for Good Video Editing Software

It is essential to have a solution to every problem and the right tool for the job. On-the-go influencers need the best video editing app and software for mobile.

Here are a few guidelines for on the go influencers.

Trends Research

The first thing that on-the-go influencers need is to build their reputation. It pays to know which type of content sells better than others when you are new to the game. Once you understand trends and come up with new ideas, you will end up becoming a trendsetter yourself!

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Demographic Research

The next idea is to research the area of the target of your videos. Realize who is going to watch your videos, what kind of content they prefer, and how you can target that niche or community of users. Once word gets out within this community, you will be able to gain word of mouth popularity.

Engaging Title, Keyword Research, and Promotion

We need to research keywords that rank up higher in the algorithm of the video platforms to have our videos listed higher up on the table, with people searching for content. An engaging title and a good thumbnail act as good click-bait. Promotion of the content on Reddit and Subreddit threads will help to increase its popularity.

Keep it short but sweet

An influencer needs to create videos that are short and interesting. If the video is too long and keeps beating around the bush for too long, people will watch something else, or find something better to do in their free time.

The Right Tool For The Job

An influencer needs to be at the top of his game, creating monetized content for businesses. Without the right tools, it is difficult to succeed in this field. You will also need to create a lot of good videos to earn good cash. A video editing application or software is the handiest tool to get the job done.

Qualities Of Good Video Editing Applications

Some of the best video editing softwares like Invideo are very simple to use but pack a wide array of features under the belt. Nearly every influencer platform has different video aspect ratio stipulations. The editing software you use should also allow you to work at a time of your convenience and should enable you to use a device you prefer for final corrections and editing.

Ease Of Use

Such a software should make the process of content creation easier rather than pose as a challenge. It must not cramp up the entire space since we need to watch the video to keep making minor adjustments. It should enable smooth and seamless video editing.

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Compatibility With Influencer Program Platforms

Every platform has a different aspect ratio. For example, Instagram videos need to be square; YouTube videos are more of the standard 4: 3 aspect ratio. A video editing software should be able to switch between these modes conveniently.

Transition Effects and Templates

It would be possible to gain a good number of views, even from bland and boring videos in the past. Today, videos need to be more creative with multiple camera angles, and transition effects, a standard template or a custom template can make this process much easier! Videos these days need a good story, with emotions, rhythm and pace, and eye-tracking techniques to control their line of sight.

Use Of Audio, Colour Correction, and Other Tools

Today video editing encompasses a wide range of aspects. Voice overs and narration along with music and audio services have become more dominant than the silent films of the yesteryears. Colour correction, speed adjustment, timeline view, split, merge, copy, and paste have become more and more prevalent today.

Engaging and Interactive Content

A good strategy for creating influencer videos is to make it interactive with a call to action button. You can have click to action buttons that direct viewers to the client’s website or create links to blogs that the viewer can visit to clear his doubts and curiosities. Videos must be engaging, with slower load and buffer times. Adding too much flashy animation will increase the size of the video and also its load time, and must be avoided. Having logos of brand name as intros and outros will be a subconscious reminder of the brand, as well as boost brand value and visibility.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Video editing applications should work on multiple environments to help us work on final editing in a more composed manner, at a better time and place. Cross-platform video editing android applications like Invideo help to approach work at a more manageable time, storing videos on the cloud to be accessed from another device.

Customer Support

Even with good software, you may encounter bugs and errors during installation. You may also have suggestions to improve the software. Good customer support and service from the other end of the line can help you get around these problems.


As a whole, while your talent as a video content creator is commendable, you will need the right video editing applications to succeed as an on-the-go video influencer!


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