Vietnam Flood Is a Deadly Disaster Affecting Millions

Vietnam Flood
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The Vietnam flood has left millions of people affected, and the impact has been deadly. Moreover, with the COVID-19 crisis, the situation is worse. According to the Red Cross, the country faces the worst flood that they haven’t experienced in decades.

Vietnam flood disaster update

Landslides and flooding have taken away more than 100 lives of people and soldiers who came to rescue. Many more have gone missing as well. Many of the roads, homes, and other infrastructures have submerged. The country has been severely affected due to the rains. They might soon

There will be more rain in the coming days, which raises fear among the people. There can be a rise in the floodwaters further, making the condition worse for the locals. The President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society named Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu said that the situation hadn’t been this bad due to floods. There are experiencing one of the worst times ever, and millions of lives are at stake. Moreover, people have been suffering a lot due to the ongoing pandemic and virus spread.

More than 178,000 homes have been submerged due to the floodwaters. Large amounts of crops have been destroyed, with over 700,000 livestock and poultry swept away. The lady informed that they are trying their best to rescue people by land, air, and boat. They are also trying to provide safe water and food, along with tarpaulins and more essentials.

According to the International Federation of the Red Cross, thousands of lives in Vietnam need shelter urgently, along with safe water to drink and food. They call it a humanitarian crisis. They also said that this condition would push people towards poverty. IFRC has provided $325,000 for the relief till now. But the country needs more help and immediate measures of protection.

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