Vikings Season 7: Is it coming? Vikings finale season Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and more!

Vikings season 7

Vikings season 7: Netflix’s biggest competitors, Hulu, has brought Vikings TV series on its streaming platform. The series running for the past six seasons, Vikings has come to an end. Originally written by Michael Hirst, this mind-blowing series now brings the tales of Norsemen on the big screen.

To begin with, Norsemen come from the earlier ages, first heard of in the 19th century. In history, Norsemen belong to a North Germanic ethnolinguistic group who used to go out on boats and fight off the forthcoming troubles. More often, people of the 21st century consider Vikings and Norsemen different. However, they are the same. The only difference is Vikings are the main fighters belonging to the Norsemen Tribe.

First premiered in 2013, Vikings had almost reached its finale in 2020. But, COVID-19 has delayed the chances of Vikings season 6 part 2 to come anytime soon. In the meantime, the fan-following of the show are eager to know, will there be a Vikings season 7? In this reading, we will tell you everything you need to know about season 7 of Vikings so far! So, let’s get started:

What is Vikings season 7 Release Date?

To begin with, before the release of Vikings season 6 part 1 in December 2019, the audience had high expectations with the show to go beyond season 7. However, in February 2020, upon the finale of Vikings season 6 part 1, the production revealed that Vikings season 6 part 2 is going to be the finale of the show. The TV series Vikings have somewhere displayed the truth of wars that used to be fought between different groups.

Although, some people think that Vikings is based on a true story. However, solely the concept of Vikings (the tribe) is original. Otherwise, all the events happened or happening or will happen in the Vikings are fictional. Hence, it only shows the culture of Vikings who existed 400 years ago.

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Is there an official trailer for Vikings season 7?

No. History channel has only launched an official trailer for Vikings season 6 yet. Also, there will be no Vikings season 7. Vikings season 6 part 2 is coming soon with 10 brilliant episodes. So, here’s the latest trailer, enjoy it!

Vikings season 6 list of episodes

  1. New Beginnings
  2. The Prophets
  3. Ghosts, Gods, and Running Dogs
  4. All the Prisoners
  5. The Key
  6. Death and the Serpent
  7. The Ice Maiden
  8. Valhalla Can Wait
  9. Resurrection
  10. The Best Laid Plans

What is the “Vikings TV series” plot?

The Vikings tv series on Amazon Prime follows the storyline of chieftain RagnarLothbrok and his crew members who belong to the Norsemen group and are called legendary Vikings. The show starts and showcases the time when in 793AD, the Lindisfarne raid took place. During the raid, Vikings attacked Ireland and Britain. Yet, in the series, their main target is England. To begin with, the prominence of Vikings on Hulu comes from the depiction of events from the earlier centuries.

The audience takes a high-end interest in the struggles and bravado of Vikings back from the 10th century to the 19th century when everyone knew them as the legends.

Who are all in the cast of Vikings?

  • Travis Fimmel plays RagnarLothbrok
  • KatherynWinnick plays Lagertha
  • Clive Standen plays Rollo
  • JessalynGilsig plays Siggy
  • GustafSkarsgård plays Floki
  • Gabriel Byrne plays Earl Haraldson
  • George Blagden plays Athelstan
  • Donal Logue plays Horik of Denmark
  • Alyssa Sutherland plays Aslaug
  • Linus Roache plays Ecbert of Wessex
  • Alexander Ludwig plays Bjorn Ironside
  • Ben Robson plays Kalf
  • Kevin Durand plays Harbard
  • LothaireBluteau plays Charles of West Francia
  • John Kavanagh plays The Seer
  • Peter Franzén plays HaraldFinehair
  • Jasper Pääkkönen plays Halfdan the Black
  • Also, Alex Høgh Andersen plays Ivar the Boneless
  • Marco Ilsø plays Hvitserk
  • David Lindström plays Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye
  • Jordan Patrick Smith plays Ubbe
  • Moe Dunford plays Aethelwulf
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Bishop Heahmund
  • Moreover, DanilaKozlovsky plays Oleg the Prophet
  • Eric Johnson plays Erik the Red
  • Georgia Hirst plays Torvi
  • RaggaRagnars plays Gunnhild
  • At last, Ray Stevenson plays Othere
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What happens in the last episode of Vikings Season 6 Part 1?

Hence, in the mid finale of Vikings tv series, the audience witnessed Ivar and Igor plotting against Oleg. Yet, they are afraid of their duty towards their force that has already departed Kiev to invade Scandinavia. On the other hand, king Harald and Bjorn are also ready for processing the next invasion. However, Rus Force still seems strong enough to protect themselves concerning any kind of harm.

The Good And Evil In Norse Mythology

The Norse deities are composed of the Vanir (older) and the Aesir (modern). The Vanir were fertility gods, such as Freyr, Njord, and Freya. The Aesir were warlike gods, like Thor and Odin. Norse mythology is about a story of the battle between these two forms of deities. But after the creation, they formed a truce and they exchanged members.

In Norse mythology, the bad guys are referred to as the “Fates.” The word “fates” comes from Latin and means “appointed.” These are the deities that decide and judge the fate of the people, which is the reason why they’re called evil, like Skoll and Hati sons of Fenrir. This is because they decide what’ll happen to people. Skoll and Hati refer to the two wolves in Norse mythology who pursued the sun and moon (Sol and Mani), through the sky, hoping to devour them.

In Norse mythology, the good guys are the gods. These are the deities that protect humans from the bad gods. According to Norse Mythology, they’re also the ones responsible for deciding which of the two gods will win over the other.

As a matter of fact, in Norse mythology, the gods are always winning over the evil gods. They are the ones that’ll tell the people what’ll be the fate of those that are under their care. This is why many people say that the Norse are very practical and fair in dealing with their problems.

In fact, there’s one story about how the deities of Norse Mythology show their goodness. The gods of Norse Mythology are the only ones who can actually take justice into their hands. People have the choice to become good if they want to or they can become evil.


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