Virgin River Season 2 confirmed by Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and More!

Virgin river season 2
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When it comes to romance, audiences of every age take a high-end interest. Nowadays, Virgin River’s craze on Netflix is quite prominent. This American web series first appeared in December 2019 with its season 1 consisting of 10 special episodes. Now that the audience knows that Mel is returning home, they cannot wait for Virgin River season 2.

To begin with, Virgin River is the story of Melinda Monroe, shortly known as Mel. to be honest, the name recognizes the audience of Merilyn Monroe. However, Mel’s story is a bit different and full of love. At the beginning of the show, Mel comes down to Virgin River town in California to start a new life. Turns out! It is not that easy.

Mel and Jack kiss virgin river season 1
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From a simple romantic love story with Jack to unpredictably twisted in the finale of Virgin river season 1, now it is time to know what will happen in season 2? Let’s view some significant theories about Virgin River’s season 2. 

When is Virgin River season 2 coming out?

For the most part, recently, in 2020, Netflix has announced Virgin River’s renewal for its season 2. Although, Virgin River season 2 release date is not out yet. However, it is assumed that the series more often comes back after a gap of 1 year. Thus, the season may come out by November or December 2020.
Also, there are chances that Virgin River season 2 may not come out amid the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. The reason being Netflix has delayed several series to avoid the spread of Corona among the production teams of the shows.

Virgin river season 1 and season 2 available on Netflix
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This list includes LUCIFER next season, which in turn has been canceled by the Network. Furthermore, there is How to get away with murder, which climaxed recently. 

Of course, the excellent news is Virgin River season 2 is coming out on Netflix, unlike Spinning Out, which Netflix canceled after only a month of its season 1. 

Is there a Virgin River season 2 trailer?

No. up until now, Netflix has not launched a trailer for Virgin River season 2. Although, the audience is expecting it soon. For the first time reviewers of Virgin River tv series, here’s a glimpse of the Virgin River official trailer.

Let us know your first-look reviews and reactions in the comment section. Bookmark this reading for an update on the Virgin River’s season 2 official trailer.

What is the Virgin River TV series plot?

Aforementioned, the Virgin River follows the story of Melinda Monroe starring Alexandra Breckenridge who comes to the Virgin River in California. She is starting a new life. However, it turns out, she is getting herself into a more complicated relationship with Jack Sheridan starring Martin Henderson. 

In Virgin River flashbacks, the audience gets to know Mel better. She comes from a painful past. But, Mel’s patience is worthy of appreciation as she works her way through to make Virgin River a better home for her. 

Here are Virgin River season 1 list of Episodes:

  1. Carry On
  2. Lost
  3. …And Found
  4. A Wounded Heart
  5. Under Fire
  6. Let’s Mingle
  7. If Truth Be Told
  8. Into the Light
  9. Everybody Has a Secret
  10. Unexpected Endings

Virgin River season 1 ending explained!

To begin with, as the title mentions “Unexpected Endings,” episode 10 of Virgin River season 1 is quite complex with the emotional drive. 

Paige finally confesses that she did not have her son’s custody. She fled with him after her husband divorced her for his own good. Hope reveals that Jack and Charmaine are having a baby. Brady and Calvin come together after Jack confronts him. Mel on the other hand suffers from the memory of her husband and his murder. 

Virgin river season 1
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The preacher finds out Charmaine is dead after she couldn’t make her mind about the baby. Jack confesses his feelings for Mel. Mel starts to pack her bag and informs her sister that she is coming home. 

What to expect from the season 2?

As for now, there will be another 10 episodes in Virgin River’s season 2. One of the main questions that rise among the audience is, will Mel leave the Virgin River forever? Or, WIll she and Jack once again come back and give love another chance? Well! There are many theories but for sure, the audience will receive a rich load of romance and mystery. 


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