Virginia Stille- A Houston singer competes to be ‘Queen of the Song’


Virginia Still is just a few steps away from becoming royalty.

The Houston artist is one of the 11 remaining finalists on “Reina de la Cancion”, which airs on the Singing Competition on Sunday. The show, titled “Queen of the Song”, features only female vocalists around the world. Contestants are advanced and eliminated by a mix of adjudicators’ decisions, audience, and contestant votes.

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Virginia Stille- A Houston singer competes to be 'Queen of the Song'
Virginia Stille- A Houston singer competes to be ‘Queen of the Song’
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Stills has earned high praise from the judges: urban and pop hitmaker Naty Natasha, regional Mexican star Joss Favela and tropical music icon Olga Tan. Still, who regularly resides around Houston, auditioned for the show in San Antonio in June.

He attended Johnson Middle School, where he participated in mariachi, choir, and dance. He continued his studies at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and also sharpened his skills at Diaz Music Institute and MECA. He graduated from Texas Tech in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.

Stills was recently in danger of leaving “Reena”, but executive producer Daddy Yankee made the executive decision to keep him and another singer, who was on the chopping block. This means that two others will expire on Sunday. Earlier, she talked about her time on TV and the music she wants to make.

Virginia Still belted out ‘Como Yo Te Amo’ on the singing competition. Video by Univision / Reina de la Cancion

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Video: Univision / Reina de la Canyon

What did the show try to do?

A close friend of mine is Sho who is involved in the world of music and entertainment. When I was out with my business manager at the time, we were trying to figure out what to do next with my career.

He said, “You have to go, this is a great opportunity.” In truth, a day or two before the San Antonio audition, I said okay. Now I’m here. I am a firm believer that there is a moment and a time for everything.

A lot of the things I have done have helped me understand that everything eventually collapses. It drove people out of my life who were not the right energy, who were not the right creative minds. You learn as you go to protect yourself.


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