Vladimir Putin Honors Dictator Kim Jong Un With a WWII Memorial Medal

Vladimir Putin Honors Dictator

Russian President Vladimir Putin honors the Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un the World War II Memorial Medal. It is to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Russian victory of World War II. The act of honoring is to preserve the memories of the Soviet soldiers who martyred in a foreign land. Putin honors the victory of the patriots who gave their lives n the Asian country of North Korea.

The event was held in the Russian Embassy (Mansudae Assembly Hall) in the Pyongyang Province of North Korea. However, neither the Russian President nor North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was present to grace the ceremony. Traveling across International borders is impossible due to the novel coronavirus right now. However, pictures of the ceremony were posted on the respective official Facebook pages of the Russian Embassy in North Korea.

The pictures show Alexander Matsegora, Soviet Ambassador of North Korea handing over the medal to Ri Son Gwon, Foreign Minister of North Korea. Besides, travel restrictions, there are also rumors that Kim Jong Un has been suffering from cardiac issues. There were even rumors all across the world about his sudden death. However, he had finally made a public appearance proving all the rumors baseless. Everyone present in the Russian Embassy Hall was wearing masks despite no new reports of coronavirus cases.

Vladimir Putin Honors Dictator Kim Jong Un

The medal is named after the event that it marks; the 75 Victorious Years after the Great Patriotic War or World War II that took place in 1941-1945. Vladimir Putin issued an official statement in which he mentions how Kim Jong Un constantly shows concern for the commemoration of the Russian War heroes whose graves lie in the foreign land. According to a news agency, there are graves of 1,375 Soviet war heroes in the land of North Korea. What is commendable is that Kim Jong Un has dedicatedly respected the peace treaty signed long back to end the war.

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Post-ceremony, both Ri Son Gwon and Alexander Matsegora had a brief discussion. The discussed how North Korea had helped Russia to win over the Nazis in Germany. Besides, the planned endorsement was also held. This plan spoke about plans of how both nations will keep maintaining the sovereignty of the WWII Memorial medal. They also revealed that there are discussions about future Korean-Russian cooperation on various initiatives too.

Cancellation of the Moscow Parade

The Moscow Parade that marks the victory of the Soviet Union over the Nazis in Germany is always held on May 9. It is a day of celebration for Russia, and the highlight is the military parade carried out by the Russian forces. However, the ceremony was held silently in the Russian Embassy in North Korea because of the major coronavirus pandemic. According to reports, Putin had also invited Kim Jong Un for the ceremony, but everything had to be canceled at the last moment due to obvious restrictions.


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