Volusia County: Mandatory Evacuation starts at the beach side


Volusia Country: Mandatory evacuation at the beachside.

Mandatory evacuation orders have been given to residents living in the beachside area. This included people living in mobile homes, RVs, and low lying areas.

All these orders are being passed for precautions from the upcoming Hurricane Dorian. Residents need not wait for the orders.

They should leave these places as soon as possible. Shelters were opened up for the people who evacuated from these high-risk areas. Various schools were opened as shelters. General shelters, Special Needs Shelter and Pet-friendly shelters were opened.


General Shelter

For people who weren’t injured they were provided with general shelter. Schools were opened up as general shelter. Some of the schools used as shelter were:
DeLand High, Hill road, DeLand
University High School, Rhode Island Ave, Orange City
Sweetwater Elementary, Victoria Garden, Port Orange.
TD Taylor Middle/High, Washington Ave, Pierson.
Mainland High School, Speedway, Daytona Beach

Special Needs Shelter

These shelters are created for people who are injured or disabled. People having medical problems are also given shelter here.

These are the shelters for special needs people only. These shelters are pet-friendly. Evacuees and their service animals will remain in the same location.

People who haven’t registered for these shelters for them are too late now. People who have pre-registered are allowed here. Those who haven’t registered need to wait for other shelters to open.

Some of the special needs shelters are:
Creekside Middle, Airport Road, Port Orange
Galaxy Middle, Eustace Ave, Deltona
Atlantic High, Reed Canal Road, Port Orange
Freedom Elementary, Blue Lake Avenue, DeLand
Palm Terrace Elementary, Dunn Avenue, Daytona Beach
Pride Elementary, Learning Lane, Deltona

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Pet-Friendly Shelters

People with their pets are housed in a separate location. These are pet-friendly shelters. People having their pets can take shelter here.


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